Arkiv för venom

Fyra festliga ansikten!

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Harmony Dies

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Download Part 1, Part 2– Possessed (1985)

VENOM, ist krieg. 4th album fittingly named Possessed. Sounds like somebodys smashing up a junkyard… harmony dies. My own favourite in the Venom discography, a discography that contains a lot of good and a lot of bad. I read recently that Cronos, the singer, has gotten himself addicted to heroin over the last years – sad but not surprising? He looks a bit weary now a days.


I made a spontanious trip to Norrköping a few days ago with Hannes and Anna to meet up with our friends in Mamont to see Graveyard perform a live show, for free! Turned out the show was for some sort of festival and we had missed Year of the Goat who played a couple of hours before Graveyard.. After the Gravyard gig we drank the last of our beer and went on a bar stroll that seemed to last forever, since we had nowhere to sleep we ended up in a underground club called ”Blå Rummet” if i recall the name correctly, the guys from Skraekoedlan had taken control of the dj booth. Only bad thing was that we didn’t have any place to sleep. The night/morning ended with me falling of a window at the train station where I had crept up to try to get some sleep. I felt pretty mashed up when we finally got home to Örebro.


Anna and Hannes, ready for battle.


The rest of the crew



Internal infernal tatoos




I’m ending this set of blurry photos with a pic of this most awesome Jofama mc jacket I’ve gotten my hands on! Mint condition, made in the 70’s in Malung and it’s never been used before, fits me like a glove.


Track of the day: Dags för stordåd by Bo Hansson


No vinyl for me…

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Some of the latest editions to the collection. It’s struck me lately that I really cant afford vinyl anymore, Instead I’m prowling amazon for 3-8 dollar cd’s! On the positive side that probably means that I’m not a rich disgusting hipster

Track of the day: Pyramid of the Moon by Shrinebuilder