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7″ of Satan’s Boogie

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Download– Devils on a Stroll

Good ol’ rock’n roll! nothing to fancy, just a little something to get your feet moving! It’s got a touch of the 70’s. I’ve seen Marulk live once, it was pretty intense! They’re really more of a live band in my opinion.

Hopefully the download link works.. usually I find all the torrents I upload on mediafire, but the world is full of assholes, especially the corrupt big buisness music industry and for that reason mediafire is no more.

Track of the Day: Waiting for Tomorrow by Hawkwind


Earth, OM and many many more.

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Well I know were I’m going to be the 5th and 6th of April! Damn there’s so much stuff I’m looking forward to. Apart from Earth and OM playing in Stockholm 5/4-6/4. There’s Moonless release party at Loppen the 15/3 and 3/4 Church of Misery will be doing the drones there to. Two days later Agalloch are performing there as well.. 21/4 Angel Witch at Truckstop Alaska! 6/5 Sleep!!!! that means missing the last day of ”Heavy days in doomtown”, and then at the end of May there’s Muskelrocken.

Mamont! Katla! Mudwalk! Nyköping delivers the psych

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My psychedelic friends in Mamont are gonna perform alongside Katla and Mud Walk ! Be there or be square, it’s for free!
The lovely poster above was skillfully drawn by Jonathan, guitarist in Mamont.

Psych out!


Something for the Crustlings! Åtgärdslandet!

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Download- Åtgärdslandet (2011)

Allt är skit!

Here’s a delicioulsy hateful DIY release conjured up by some of my fellow friends from my hometown! In these depressing times when actual freedom is replaced by the right to consume useless products on a ” free market” that is upheld by politicians as more important than actual people, music such as this seem like a fresh and sane response to the development taking place in the world today.
Since my friends are a generous bunch they’ll let you have this album for free! Click the link above and pass it on to a friend! Pennybridge crust!

crusty doomlord member of Åtgärdslandet

Ayn Rand was a bitch! desecrate her remains!

track of the day: Pilgrimage by OM


Massgrav- Stampa takten alla Bokstavsbarn EP

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Download- Stampa takten alla bokstavsbarn (2008)