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Quicksilver Messenger Service- Just for Love

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Download- Just for Love (1970) Capitol Records

Love and flowers pouring into my ears in the form of sweet psychedelic tunes bursting forth from ”Just for Love”, QMS fourth album! Released in August 1970, it marks the culmination of a transition from the extended, blues and jazz inspired improvisations of the bands previous albums to a more traditional rock sound. Founding member Dino Valenti, who returned to the band after a stint in prison on drug charges, was largely responsible for the new harder sound. The album features one of the most famous songs by QMS, the track ”Fresh Air”.  ”Cobra” and ”Just for Love” are some other tracks I’d recommend on this spectacular piece of San Fransisco psych!




Quicksilver Messenger Service

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Download- Quicksilver Messenger Service (1968) Capitol

The year was 1965, San Fransisco! The peace and love was spreading across the nation and standing proud in the front line we have Quicksilver Messenger Service. Sure they might not have been as big as Jefferson Airplane or The Grateful Dead.. but they were on the top 30 chart back in the days and their music is definetly equal in sound and quality to the other two acts!

This album was QMS debut and it came out in 68′, one year after The Summer of Love. It’s a funky jam of catchy rhymes and rythms rapped up in psychedelic guitar tones. This music is impossible to resist, full of warmth, stickin’ it to the man with songs about love and love and some more löve.

A true classic. You need this!