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Night of Doom

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I’m elected electric spy, I’m protected electric eye

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-This pic pretty much sums up my day.

-And this one pretty much sums up tomorrow’s day

I never really did understand the hype around Teitanblood.  But they’re quite nice when you’re in the mood for mayhem.

Track of the day: Power from hell by Onslaught


The Movies. 70’s. La Montaña Sagrada.

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Download- The Holy Mountain (1973)

In search of the Holy Mountain. The Beatles were involved in the creation of this at some degree. The director Alexandro Jodorowsky took a lot of LSD to make this movie happen. During one scene all the actors had munched in on magic mushrooms. With the years this fairly unknown movie has become cult in certain contexts.
The hole movie is supposedly a strange journey towards enlightment. Too extreme.




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Download- Moonmadness (1976) Decca

More prog! Camel formed in 1971 and are still going strong, they’ve played an importent part in the early history of the brittish ”Canterbury scene”, known for it’s jazzy prog rock.

Moonmadness is the Camel’s fourth album and it’s a slim mostly instrumental ode to calm moonlit nights! Apparently the album has sort of a loose concept based on the different individual personalities of the band members. This is music made by guys like Andrew ”Air born” Latimer and Andy ”Lunar sea” Ward… Soft organs, smoothe guitars and soothing drum works.


New York update!

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So back in Sweden after a week in New York! It took 25 hours to get home, me and my friend must have travelled with every transportation invented by man during the last century just to get home.

Now here’s the result of some record hunting in the big apple! If you’re into any of the music i write about and your going to New York, then Generation Records on 210 Thompson street is a must visit! I could kill for their ”used section” !


10 cd’s 6 vinyls.


I also got to see Pentagram again and three other bands, Elks, Jeff and the Brotherhood and Valient Thorr! It was a really cool experience, met some nice new yorkers as well!


The singer of Valient Thorr is somewhere in that pit. Crazy guy!


Bobby Bobby.


Liebling Liebling.

Awesome week! Sort of stressed out today though since I’m moving to a new town tomorrow to start studying! I have to figure out a way to bring all of my records to Lund…

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

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DOWNLOAD-The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1968) Atlantic

Psychedelic fiery madness!
Spawned by Arthur Brown- The God of Hellfire!

Damn this is a classic release! Arthur has had a long and interesting musical life, working with and inspiring a lot of artists through out the years.. Hendrix, Alice Cooper and so on. He quickly became an infamous live artist since his performances featured stuff that, back in the days, was percieved as dangerous and macabre. For example he often wore a burning metal crown and facial paint. At several occasions he managed to set his hair on fire. Maybe thats why he’s bald today?

As it turned out his debut The Crazy World of Arthur Brown became his pinnacle. The album spawned the massive hit Fire, featured in the video below, wich you should be ashamed if you haven’t heard already!

Apart from Fire there’s many great songs on this album. Some of my favourites include Child of My Kingdom and his darkly delicious cover of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins I Put a Spell on You.

DOWNLOAD-The Crazy World of Arthur Brown!



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DOWNLOAD- Arzachel (1969) Evolution

Tadaa! more psych!

When brittish psychedelic band Uriel decided to release an album back in 68′ they did it under the name of Arzachel. In the line up you find Steve Hillage (Gong, Khan etc) and all the members of Egg. This is considered to be a lost masterpiece of UK psychedelica, wich doesn’t surprise me at all after a couple of spins on the recordplayer.

Perfect smooth brittish vocals topped with ethereal organs and howling fuzzy guitars. The hole album was recorded in a single studio session in London and it quickly became a real collectors item. I’ve got a vinyl reissue. Anyway this is the essence of psych!

Aint that a lovely mindbending twist of a song?