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Some of the latest editions to the collection! Japanese psychedelic rock from the 70’s in the shape of Shinki Chen, the japanese version of Jimi Hendrix! And some more 70’s psych in the form of Blue Cheer’s second album! Great stuff for a gloomy day such as mine!






Baby Woodrose live at Debaser, Malmö

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Went to see danish psychsters Baby Woodrose yesterday. They put on quite a nice show. Lorenzo the brain behind the whole enterprise spoke of drugs, good drugs, bad drugs and how much he likes beer. 20120923-210013.jpgLorenzo




Passing Through the Mastery Door

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My friends in Mamont are releasig their first album soon, 28 September ! I’ve got one of the first copies! It’s well played psychedelic/stoner rock! Support them! Buy their album! Buy them a beer!

Pre-order at;


Unicorns and Castles…

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Download– Tangerine Dream (1968)

Kaleidoscope was a british psych-pop/rock band from britain, not to be confused with the american band with the same name.. i love this band when they incorporate psychedelic influences and dreamy chords in their music, but have a hard time when they just turn to sleazy fairy-tale lyrics about unicorns, castles and other boring subjects wich sort of reduces the greatness of the music and makes me think of this album as one long lullaby. Still the music usually gives me means to forget about the cheesy lyrics. It is a great album, otherwise i wouldn’t be posting it here. Tangerine Dream was Kaleidoscope’s debut and it generated a moderate domestic success but got a bit more attention abroad. This album should probably appeal even to the average Beatles fan.

The hit song is called ”The Sky Children”, my favourite though is ”Flight from Ashiya”.

Track of the day: Clouds of Dawn by Dead Moon


Come to the Sabbat folks

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Download Sacrifice (1970)

A nice slab of occult rock from 70′, they remind me of Coven, the drunken brittish version of Coven… They had the same goofy satanic approach with sacrifices and other fairly dark stuff taking place on the stage,  that of course stirred some noise back in the days. They started out as ”Pesky Gee”, wich I think means ”annoying old pervert”.. a bit softer and more psychedelic than Black widow, but since 1970 was a year of the goat the lads felt it appropriate to change their name, release ”Sacrifice” and fool around a bit with black magic. Their most popular track ”Come to the Sabbat”, featured on this release, has been covered by bands like Death SS and Church of Misery.


Track of the day: War is our Destiny by Saint Vitus 


Yep it’s Uriah Heep, in their finest hour.

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Download- Salisbury (1971)

Uriah Heep, a perfect example of a band who’s material started out strong, just to stagnate over time due to booze and people taking a piss on each other. Salisbury is the their finest hour. A fine blend of jazz, heavy metal, psychedelic rock and all other good things in life. For some reason I’ve fallen in love with the ballad on the A-side ”Lady in Black”.. cant stop listening to it… cathy it is, and cathy is apparently good.

Kudos Uriah Heep, there’s a big fat sign behind you that says ”disco”. That was a warning sign of dark times to come.

Tomorrow I’l be here watching Morbus Chron and Obnoxious Youth.


Mamont! Katla! Mudwalk! Nyköping delivers the psych

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My psychedelic friends in Mamont are gonna perform alongside Katla and Mud Walk ! Be there or be square, it’s for free!
The lovely poster above was skillfully drawn by Jonathan, guitarist in Mamont.

Psych out!