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Took my place in the Court of the Crimson King

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Download- Moonmadness (1976) Decca

More prog! Camel formed in 1971 and are still going strong, they’ve played an importent part in the early history of the brittish ”Canterbury scene”, known for it’s jazzy prog rock.

Moonmadness is the Camel’s fourth album and it’s a slim mostly instrumental ode to calm moonlit nights! Apparently the album has sort of a loose concept based on the different individual personalities of the band members. This is music made by guys like Andrew ”Air born” Latimer and Andy ”Lunar sea” Ward… Soft organs, smoothe guitars and soothing drum works.


Colosseum- Valentyne Suite

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Download- Valentyne Suite (1969) Vertigo

You know Vertigo! (the label who signed Black Sabbath, Gentle Giant and so on..) this piece was the very first thing released by Vertigo! Unfortunately I only got hold of the vinyl reissue.. but my dandy mind is swingin’ anyway.

Take a peak into the Colosseum and you will find one of those juicy prog bands from the 60’s that manage to somehow feed your desire for  jazzy groove and at the same time stuff you full with psychedelic hammond organs! My favourite is probably the b-side of the album wich features three roaring organ driven tracks that are destined to blow your mind all over the cosmos! But then again.. the a-side does feature the dangerously catchy track ”The Kettle”..

Anyhow people if you dont like this then you’re obviously musically numb and dumb, or maybe I am who knows.. Here’s The Kettle-


The Moody Blues- In Search of the Lost Chord

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Download- In Search of the Lost Chord (1968) Deram Records

This is without any doubt the best album I’ve got myself in months and the best thing about it is that it cost me nothing! I went to a record market the other day and found myself discussing Blue Cheer for like an hour with an old veteran from the flower era. After that he gave up this album for free!

So what we have here is the third album by brittish band The Moody Blues. This is probably the most psychedelic album they came up with, famous as they are for their prog rock. Most impressive is probably the wide range of instruments that the band so skillfully handle. Every song is a little mystery in itself!

I’m mind blown