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Rise of the serpent men

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Download– Rise of the Serpent Men (1989)

Highly political working class crust punk/thrash metal classic from London, back in the days when Margaret Thatcher (The iron hag) was still pissing on labor unions, repressing strikes and collecting votes from the National Front. I imagine most of the boys in Axegrinder would have been of age when she decided to start the Falklands War. I would like to think that these facts have inspired Axegrinder as much as Amebix,Venom and Motörhead have.

I’m not to well wandered in the crust scene, but I think Axegrinder is almost as infamous as other crust legends such as Amebix and Discharge.

Track of the day: Rip this Hell by Midnight



The Return!

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Download– Lillie: F-65 (2012)

After 17 years they are back and Wino is back in Vitus. All is well.
If you’re not familiar to Saint Vitus then I can tell you that they’re one of the oldest and most infamous doom metal acts, Lillie F-65 is therefore as you might understand one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

…and it’s like nothings changed! Of course the production quality is a bit cleaner and crispy, for good or worse. It’s also a bit shorter than most of their previous releases (only 33 min!!? I mean comon this is doom). But I got to say that I’m really satisfied with what I got. This is to much a reminder of their masterpiece ”Born too Late” for me to not be satisfied!

The album starts of with the ”hit song”, if there ever was such a thing in doom, Let Them Fall. My personal favourite though is Blessed Night

Since I saw them live 2 weeks ago, I’m happy to note that they’re still going strong! Plodding on in doom.

Here’s a couple of photos from the northern parts of Sweden called Lappland, lots of mountains and forests. I usually spend a week or so there every year.



Norgefarargård på Klimpfjäll


Track of the day: Addis by OM


Rockin’ bones

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Download– 3 (1971)

American hard rock from the 70’s. At certain points it doesn’t sound to different from Uriah Heep. As the title might suggest this is Bloodrock’s third effort. A dandy rocker packed to the limit with heavy moments. Escpecially the second track on the first side called ”Whisky Vengeance” and the almost doom metal sounding first track ”Breach of Lease” on the second side comes to mind! Still the album doesn’t lack in funky jams.


This is a very good and talented friend of mine called Anton ”Sundelliluran” Sundell! In fact he is so talanted that he gets to do the effects on Witchcraft‘s upcoming fourth album. One of my favourite bands. He’s also got his own band called Åtgärdslandet, I’ve blogged about them before. You can check them out at soundcloud or contact me if you want a copy of their ep. They’ll soon put out some more material.


And raggare is still a bunch of MOTHER FUCKERS!

the pin was made by a small enterprise called ”Bastardized” run by swedish punksters Nitad. Sundelliluran had a hole bunch of them.

Track of the day: Flytrap by Venom



When the power racks hit overdrive the banging heads they look toward the sky

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Download– Power From Hell (1985)

Onslaught’s debut, punk inspired thrashing madness from the UK. I like this stuff for the same reason I like bands like Discharge. Raw and fairly provocative stuff. There’s not really any songs on the album that stick out of the crowd, nonetheless this is an album worth adding to your collection, even if that collection is made up of mp3’s.

Here’s a pic from when Poison Idea played live in Stockholm a couple of days ago. Jerry A in the spotlight. He sounded tired, the sound was horrible. But at least now I could say I’ve seen what’s left of Poison Idea live.


Hehe and here’s a vid of a little punk. I don’t really know what to make of this… I just hope that the young gent’s adventure was carefully overseen by an adult.

Track of the day: Hit Single #1 by Hot Tuna


In the fire, the King will come.

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Download– Argus (1969)

Yet another album that was mandatory back in it’s day! You might say that it’s a timeless classic.. but since most people in my age cant separate a Beatles song from a Deep Purple song, that might be streching it a little to far these days. Anyhow, it’s the third album by Wishbone Ash, their most famous and appreciated effort according to fans and critics. Personaly I’m more a fan of their first album. This album however is a good example of the type of early twin-led guitar harmonization that heavier bands would pick up on and progress. It also contains the dangerously catchy songs ”Warrior” and ”The King will come”.

It’s both smothe and hard.

Track of the day: The Nightchild by Electric Wizard


Yep it’s Uriah Heep, in their finest hour.

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Download- Salisbury (1971)

Uriah Heep, a perfect example of a band who’s material started out strong, just to stagnate over time due to booze and people taking a piss on each other. Salisbury is the their finest hour. A fine blend of jazz, heavy metal, psychedelic rock and all other good things in life. For some reason I’ve fallen in love with the ballad on the A-side ”Lady in Black”.. cant stop listening to it… cathy it is, and cathy is apparently good.

Kudos Uriah Heep, there’s a big fat sign behind you that says ”disco”. That was a warning sign of dark times to come.

Tomorrow I’l be here watching Morbus Chron and Obnoxious Youth.


Fly high and touch the sky, you’re the angel I adore!

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Download- Angel Witch (1981)

Metal is heavy, heavy is metal
These british blokes should need no further introduction, if you’re into this type of music you’ve heard it before. If you have not… then thats your bad!

Nobody else can see you the same way as myself
Fly high and touch the sky, you’re the angel I adore
If only you could feel for me that I feel for you
Why do you ignore me, angel, why can’t I go with you

You’re an angel witch, you’re an angel witch
You’re an angel witch, you’re an angel witch

The more love I feel for you, the more you fade away
Why can’t you come and love me, do I have to stay this way
I’m going to go insane if nothing happens soon
I look out at the night to see your shadow by the moon

You’re an angel witch, you’re angel witch
You’re an angel witch, you’re angel witch

Walk through the forest I can feel that you’re there
Why do you run away?
I’d never hurt you, I’d never hurt you
That’d be the last thing that I’d do

You’re an angel witch, you’re an angel witch
You’re an angel witch, you’re an angel witch

Track of the day: Guns and LSD by Megaton Leviathan