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Forever My Queen

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Pentagram igår. Stack över bron rätt tidigt för ölande på Nemoland i Christiania med schysst folk.

Loppen crewn har uppenbarligen förstått hur man gör dricksandet mer lockande. Valet var uppenbart, det handlar ju om principer så jag dricksade glatt för Mercyful Fate, Kingen..

Sen spelade Pet and the Preacher eller vad dom nu hette, lät som någon slags tradig och uttjatad stoner-boner-rock.

Sen gick Pentagram på, bra känsla, rätt bra publik var det också! Bobby hoppade runt och var glad ända tills den lökiga basisten med getskägg och rakat huvud började bråka med honom och knuffade honom så han föll över trummorna. Bobby vart arg och sprang av scenen. Kom in igen spelade ett par låtar till. Den lökiga trummisen som också har rakat huvud och getskägg visade sig vara  ” a proud Romney supporter”.

På det stora hela en schysst kväll. Somnade på tåget hem lite mer än salongsberusad och vaknade upp relativt välbehållen hemma i Lund.




V for Vitus, Saint Vitus.

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Follow me on instagram, ”Skorpinator”, most lame of names..

I’m elected electric spy, I’m protected electric eye

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-This pic pretty much sums up my day.

-And this one pretty much sums up tomorrow’s day

I never really did understand the hype around Teitanblood.  But they’re quite nice when you’re in the mood for mayhem.

Track of the day: Power from hell by Onslaught


7″ and 70’s biker flicks

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Feels like I’m ”easy skanking” my way through life right know! I’ve got a loong holiday, not much to worry about and I dont have to work a single day this summer. The evening is spent with a couple of 7″ and a nicely illustrated book   -life on the flip side-

Here’s a snap of whats got to be one of the coolest movie posters ever made ( I want it badly) and here’s a list of cool movies, should you ever get bored. I love 70’s biker flicks..


Track of the day: Beg for Mercy by Witchgrave


I bring you gifts, I give you Bo Hansson!

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Download– Sagan om Ringen (1970)

First album by swedish hammond organist Bo Hansson! I can’t stress enough how awesome this album is! Doing a concept album on The Lord of The Rings trilogy might not seem as obscure today as it did 1970, before the hole thing got hyped to pieces. But back then this probably came off as an odd-baller, as a lot of the prog from that era! The album was, due to economical difficulties, recorded in a cottage on a small island using nothing but a borrowed four track recorder. Sagan Om Ringen was after a lot of persuasion released on Silence Records, Sweden’s first independent record label. Somehow the album an ended up on the UK top 40 charts and was released in Britain as ”Music inspired by The Lord of the Rings”.

I love this album for it’s cosy atmosphere, warm organs and lovely artwork! so should you!

My reasoning goes as such: Bo Hansson makes Summoning seem like the biggest ripp-off of the last decades.

Track of the Day: Blind Mountain by Spiritual Beggars


7″ of Satan’s Boogie

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Download– Devils on a Stroll

Good ol’ rock’n roll! nothing to fancy, just a little something to get your feet moving! It’s got a touch of the 70’s. I’ve seen Marulk live once, it was pretty intense! They’re really more of a live band in my opinion.

Hopefully the download link works.. usually I find all the torrents I upload on mediafire, but the world is full of assholes, especially the corrupt big buisness music industry and for that reason mediafire is no more.

Track of the Day: Waiting for Tomorrow by Hawkwind



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I love baseball shirts! they always make the best band shirts because.. lets face it, you always look a little bit better than all other folks around in plain black with a print on the front. Still I got a plain print on black tee as well since I’ve been dying for a Pentagram shirt that doesn’t look lame, like the latest one with the ”Last Rites” print on it! Got myself a Brutus patch as well.

Bought this stuff at the Muskelrock festival.