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Goat – World Music

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Min polare passade på att glida in på Rundgång på Möllan häromdagen där han lade vantarna på deras sista exemplar av Goats nya platta åt mig! Hade inte riktigt kopplat innan varför Goat varit så hypade på senaste tiden! Jäklar vilken uppenbarelse när jag fick höra hur dom faktiskt låter! Så himla häftig musik! Bästa skiten jag petat in i vinylhyllan på länge! Vad ska man kalla det för egentligen? Titeln World Music känns ganska talande.. Kommer rent instinktivt att tänka på Amon Duul och lite andra kraut rock akter!

Liege and Lief

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Download– Liege and Lief (1969)

Fairport Convention was a british folk rock band, they got their name from the house were they rehersed. Liege and Lief is the groups fourth album and widly considered a mile stone in british folk rock, one might even go as far as to say that it is the starting point at wich folk rock began to get popular. It contains a lot of Fairport Conventions own verisions of old popular folk ballads such as ”Matty Grooves” and ”Reynardine”.

Track of the day: Stone Woman by Dust




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Ulver - Kveldssanger
DOWNLOAD- Kveldssanger (1996) Head Not Found

Ulver has changed music style so many times over the years.. I’m a fan of their first three albums though. The ones that are considered to be the bands black metal period. Kveldssanger, the second album, however is not really a black metal album but I like to see it as part of that period.

No, Kveldssanger is an entirely acoustic folk music album with lyrics sung in norwegian. Sometimes when i listen to this i picture Kveldssanger as a concept album, a hymn to the night and all things associated with it. Don’t know if that was Ulver’s intention..
Kledt i Nattens Farger
-and I actually like this sort of vocal style.


Karl Sanders- Saurian Meditation

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DOWNLOAD- Saurian Meditation (2009) Relapse Records

Imagine enjoying a glass of wine in a green garden in ancient Babylon. Strolling down the shores of the Eufrat river. Thats what this sounds like. Listen!

Karl Sanders is one of the guys from Nile. Any fan of Nile could testify that one of the best things with the band is how they manage to blend in a lot of acoustic parts into their death metal. On this project it’s like Karl Sanders just took out all these acoustic parts and made an album out of ‘em. It becomes sort of an ambient mix of middle eastern folk music and as stated in the album title, it’s really meditative. It’s impressive how many instruments Karl Sanders can handle.

Apparently the idea for this project rose out of Karl’s desire to demonstrate his skills as an acoustic artist and express himself with instruments that are fairly unknown to a lot of western  people.

Of the Sleep of Ishtar

This is the perfect cure when you’re terribly hungover.


The Sallyangie- Children of the Sun

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DOWNLOAD – Children of the Sun

You know Mike Oldfield, the guy who made the soundtrack to The Exorcist? If you do so you might know of his sister Sally Oldfield as well! The Sallyangie is Mike and Sally when they were 16, before they got all famous and stuff.

I have the vinyl reissue of Children of the Sun, it was originally released back in 69′. It’s a nice piece of british, hippie-ish contemporary folk. Both siblings sing, Mike handle the guitar and someone is making love to a flute. Sally’s vocals really hit my soft spot at several occasions. I like the fact that the sound quality is far from perfect, it brings that warm feeling to the music.

Listen! Enjoy! Children of the Sun and A Lover for all Seasons

Siblings indeed.

1 Strangers
2 Lady Mary
3 Children of the Sun
4 A Lover for all Seasons
5 River Song
6 Banquet on the Water
7 Balloons
8 Midsummer Night’s Happening
9 Love in Ice Crystals
10 Changing Colours
11 Chameleon
12 Milk Bottle
13 The Murder of the Children of San Francisco
14 Strangers

DOWNLOAD – Children of the Sun


In Gowan Ring- The Glinting Spade

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DOWNLOAD- The Glinting Spade

This thing was really hard to get my hands on for a reasonable price, I ended up paying quite a bit for it.
-Totaly worth it though-
In Gowan Ring is the ongoing folk project of american Jon Michael going under the pseudonym of B’eirth, the project first saw daylight in the mid-90’s and is associated with the neofolkscene and contemporary folk scene.

The Glinting Spade is a real bard’s tale, imagine Simon and Garfunkel’s song ”Scarborough Fair” then imagine an album with seven songs equally good to Scarborough Fair. That is what you get here, add to that some psychedelic influences in songs such as ”Cipher’s String on the Tree in the Dream of the Queen”.


My favourite track on the album is To Thrum a Glassy Stem.
Left low in sanguine laughter
in a bed the soft of heather
Stashed in the branches breach

This is an album you could listen to at any time. Studying, going for a walk or just relaxing. Brings some peace and comfort to the soul. Any fan of any type of folkmusic should be able to enjoy this release.

DOWNLOAD- The Glinting Spade
1 Two Wax Dolls
2 To Thrum a Glassy Stem
3 Cipher’s String on the Tree in the Dream of the Queen
4 Bow Star
5 A Bee at the Dolmen’s Dell
6 Arrowsmith’s Fire
7 Milk Star


Artbook av Andrew King- Emblematic Paintings

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Andrew King är en brittisk folksångare som varit aktiv sedan början på 90-talet. Det visar sig att han även har en karriär som utbildad konstnär bakom sig, men valde att lägga krutet på musiken i och med att hans konst inte fick något utrymme i de brittiska gallerierna. Måleriet har han dock inte lagt helt på hyllan än och han målar själv sina egna omslag vilka jag uppskattar, så när jag fick reda på att hans verk skulle samlas i en artbook så såg jag till att skaffa mig ett ex av den.

Blev glatt överraskad när Andrew King själv hörde av sig över mail och frågade om jag ville ha boken signerad! Det ville jag givetvis så nu har jag ett fint inbundet ex signerat med To Anton, best wishes, Andrew King

A.K hämtar sin inspiration ur skrift och bild från brittisk medeltid och renässans, de två tidsepokerna blandas vilt!

Emblematic Paintings, tryckt i 300 ex.

The Happy Return

We must Overrule our Stars

Andrew King in person.

Andrew King- The Raven Banner