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Download- Symbolic (1995)

As the name of the band suggest it’s death metal.
This was one of the very first death metal bands to emerge and it was mainly the project of legendary death metal pioneer Chuck Chuldiner who sadly past away from brain cancer in 2001.
Symbolic is part of the bands later period and marks a change in sound from the classic Death sound.. I had mixed feelings about this album for a long time. I prefere the raw and aggresive sound of early Death releases, this album however is a fine display of technicality and control. Chuck was undoubtedly a real guitar fiend!
With the years I’ve become sort of fond of Symbolic  though. Today I hold it as my favourite Death album along with their first release ”Scream Bloody Gore”.


Morbid Saint- Spectrum of Death

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Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death
DOWNLOAD- Spectrum of Death (1988) Avanzada Metalica.

I figure it’s about time I write about some thrash metal. Therefore I give you Morbid Saint! If you played thrash back in 88′ there was one thing of importance that stood above all other and that was SPEED!!

Damien, play fast! faaster! FAASTER!!

This band has achieved sort of a cult status with the years. They used to open several shows for Chuck Chuldiner’s Death, one of the first death metal bands of all time, since the bands shared the same producer and manager. However Morbid Saint never got the same attention and backing as Death, resulting in the band fading of into history with this one release as their legacy.
Spectrum of Death was released as a demo at first but then some mexican label came along and decided to make a real decent thrashfest out of it.

Apparently the band reunited in late 2010 to record two new songs for a reissue of Spectrum of Death. You can read about it in an interview here .

DOWNLOAD- Spectrum of Death or buy it!