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Rise of the serpent men

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Download– Rise of the Serpent Men (1989)

Highly political working class crust punk/thrash metal classic from London, back in the days when Margaret Thatcher (The iron hag) was still pissing on labor unions, repressing strikes and collecting votes from the National Front. I imagine most of the boys in Axegrinder would have been of age when she decided to start the Falklands War. I would like to think that these facts have inspired Axegrinder as much as Amebix,Venom and Motörhead have.

I’m not to well wandered in the crust scene, but I think Axegrinder is almost as infamous as other crust legends such as Amebix and Discharge.

Track of the day: Rip this Hell by Midnight



Bloodlust, druglust, Count Drugula arise…

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Maybe it’s time for me to drag my sorry ass up to Stockholm the 27th of october to finally get to see the wizard live! They will be doing their only scandy-gig this autumn for Püssy a Go Go at Nalen.

Electric Wizard is a long time favourite of mine.. and I’ve mist to many chanses to see them live. It’s about god damn time I get to see them.

(Tas, the guy in the photo isn’t in the band anymore, but he’s looking rather marvelous ey?)

Track of the day: Hellstorm by Axegrinder