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Download- Symbolic (1995)

As the name of the band suggest it’s death metal.
This was one of the very first death metal bands to emerge and it was mainly the project of legendary death metal pioneer Chuck Chuldiner who sadly past away from brain cancer in 2001.
Symbolic is part of the bands later period and marks a change in sound from the classic Death sound.. I had mixed feelings about this album for a long time. I prefere the raw and aggresive sound of early Death releases, this album however is a fine display of technicality and control. Chuck was undoubtedly a real guitar fiend!
With the years I’ve become sort of fond of Symbolic  though. Today I hold it as my favourite Death album along with their first release ”Scream Bloody Gore”.


Dark Castle- Surrender to all life beyond form

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DOWNLOAD- Surrender to all life beyond form (2011) Profound Lore

God I’m just to tired.. just moved to a new town, Lund, to start my studies. It’s like 500 km south of my home in Örebro. Well at least now I’ve sort of settled into my new room after a lot of effort put into carrying heavy furniture and of course my entire record collection.

So next thing on the ”to-do-list” is post a new crunchy little treat for the co)))ven! This Dark Castle hails from Florida and has so far conjured up two slabs of sludgy doom from it’s dungeons, this one being the latest. We get served a weird sounding sludge-audio-agression, some strange ritualistic tracks and great female vocals!
For fans of Yob and Zoroaster.


Split! Elder/Queen Elephantine

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Elder - Queen Elephantine / Elder
DOWNLOAD- Elder/Queen Elephantine (2006) Concrete Records

I wrote about Elder in an earlier post, they made their debut here with the a bit more experienced Queen Elephantine.Two typical american stoner/doom metal bands. Queen Elephantine’s effort reminds me a lot of Om and Elder reminds me of Sleep. This is of course a good thing! And since they’re a bunch of generous bongrippers they’ll allow you to download this album for free! Just click on the link above.

This sounds like a sample from Sleep’s album Jerusalem…

Toxic Holocaust- Evil Never Dies

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DOWNLOAD- Evil Never Dies (2003) Witches Brew


After crawling out of the smoldering ruins of WW III, burnt by radiation Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust knows that War is Hell!