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I bring you gifts, I give you Bo Hansson!

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Download– Sagan om Ringen (1970)

First album by swedish hammond organist Bo Hansson! I can’t stress enough how awesome this album is! Doing a concept album on The Lord of The Rings trilogy might not seem as obscure today as it did 1970, before the hole thing got hyped to pieces. But back then this probably came off as an odd-baller, as a lot of the prog from that era! The album was, due to economical difficulties, recorded in a cottage on a small island using nothing but a borrowed four track recorder. Sagan Om Ringen was after a lot of persuasion released on Silence Records, Sweden’s first independent record label. Somehow the album an ended up on the UK top 40 charts and was released in Britain as ”Music inspired by The Lord of the Rings”.

I love this album for it’s cosy atmosphere, warm organs and lovely artwork! so should you!

My reasoning goes as such: Bo Hansson makes Summoning seem like the biggest ripp-off of the last decades.

Track of the Day: Blind Mountain by Spiritual Beggars


Come to the Sabbat folks

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Download Sacrifice (1970)

A nice slab of occult rock from 70′, they remind me of Coven, the drunken brittish version of Coven… They had the same goofy satanic approach with sacrifices and other fairly dark stuff taking place on the stage,  that of course stirred some noise back in the days. They started out as ”Pesky Gee”, wich I think means ”annoying old pervert”.. a bit softer and more psychedelic than Black widow, but since 1970 was a year of the goat the lads felt it appropriate to change their name, release ”Sacrifice” and fool around a bit with black magic. Their most popular track ”Come to the Sabbat”, featured on this release, has been covered by bands like Death SS and Church of Misery.


Track of the day: War is our Destiny by Saint Vitus 


Quicksilver Messenger Service- Just for Love

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Download- Just for Love (1970) Capitol Records

Love and flowers pouring into my ears in the form of sweet psychedelic tunes bursting forth from ”Just for Love”, QMS fourth album! Released in August 1970, it marks the culmination of a transition from the extended, blues and jazz inspired improvisations of the bands previous albums to a more traditional rock sound. Founding member Dino Valenti, who returned to the band after a stint in prison on drug charges, was largely responsible for the new harder sound. The album features one of the most famous songs by QMS, the track ”Fresh Air”.  ”Cobra” and ”Just for Love” are some other tracks I’d recommend on this spectacular piece of San Fransisco psych!