From the psychedelic recordshelf

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Some of the latest editions to the collection! Japanese psychedelic rock from the 70’s in the shape of Shinki Chen, the japanese version of Jimi Hendrix! And some more 70’s psych in the form of Blue Cheer’s second album! Great stuff for a gloomy day such as mine!






Looking forward to…

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Apart from looking forward to see Horisont yet another time on friday! It’s going to be pretty swell to see Nasum on their farewell tour the 6 october! I imagine Massgrav is gonna be quite a treat as well.




Baby Woodrose live at Debaser, Malmö

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Went to see danish psychsters Baby Woodrose yesterday. They put on quite a nice show. Lorenzo the brain behind the whole enterprise spoke of drugs, good drugs, bad drugs and how much he likes beer. 20120923-210013.jpgLorenzo




Passing Through the Mastery Door

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My friends in Mamont are releasig their first album soon, 28 September ! I’ve got one of the first copies! It’s well played psychedelic/stoner rock! Support them! Buy their album! Buy them a beer!

Pre-order at;


Ride with Death

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Örebronx thrash!

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A thrash metal gem from my hometown Örebro! released the same year i was born 1990. I have the most awesome neighbour in my student-corridor who loves thrash, he tipped me off on this awesome band!



My home is my castle

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Last year i was living in a space not bigger than 9 square meters, so getting a new room in a student’s corridor that expandes my kingdom to 20 square meteres seems rather a big life improvement in general. Right now I’m pimping my new walls with metal posters and my self made Electric Wizard poster (i love cutting denim jackets to pieces, it’s a hobby of mine), whilst listening to The Wounded King’s third album ”In the chapel of the black hand”. I saw TWK live a couple of months ago, awesome live band!


Track of  the day: Hungry are the damned  by Repugnant