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Alcest på KB

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Nä nu orkar jag inte hålla mig till engelska på den här bloggen längre, det får bli svenska eller i bästa fall lite svenglish. Hur som helst så var jag på KB i Malmö i lördags och såg Alcest , det var riktigt nice. Lyssnat på bandet sen första plattan kom och är även insnöad på Peste Noire som frontmannen Neige gästat i tidigare. De var förband åt Katatonia som ju gått ner sig något helt otroligt på senare tid, riktigt slaskiga vocals och synth-mackor… not my cup of tea. 20121105-120705.jpg

Drog dit med den här dandyn som på bilden snott såväl min Jofama jacka som min Hellhammer kepa. Tydligen råder det konsensus kring att Linus (dandyn) är betydligt mycket coolare i kepan, som fått smeknamnet ”kronan” , än vad jag är varpå den vandrar fritt mellan mitt lilla studentrum och Linus kollektiv. Jag skulle fan öppna ett klädotek allså..

Efter som mitt rum är så litet och min hyra så hög fick jag 2200 kr bostadsbidrag bara sådär på fredagen, hoppade fan högt av glädje allså!! Välfärd for the win. Cashen brändes nästa dag på plattor med bland annat Alcest, Exciter, Dust och Nuclear Assault.20121105-120722.jpg


Kvällen slutade i Vidunders repa där Bosniska Föreningen säljer kall öl för 10 kr burken. Vi lyssnade på Goat och jag blev avtvingad 10 kr av arga dretfulla gubbar för att få gå på toa istället för att åka på spö. Kul kväll.

Imorn är det Pentagram på Loppen i Köpenhamn som gäller.20121105-120752.jpg


Night of Doom

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Örebronx thrash!

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A thrash metal gem from my hometown Örebro! released the same year i was born 1990. I have the most awesome neighbour in my student-corridor who loves thrash, he tipped me off on this awesome band!



My home is my castle

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Last year i was living in a space not bigger than 9 square meters, so getting a new room in a student’s corridor that expandes my kingdom to 20 square meteres seems rather a big life improvement in general. Right now I’m pimping my new walls with metal posters and my self made Electric Wizard poster (i love cutting denim jackets to pieces, it’s a hobby of mine), whilst listening to The Wounded King’s third album ”In the chapel of the black hand”. I saw TWK live a couple of months ago, awesome live band!


Track of  the day: Hungry are the damned  by Repugnant



Unicorns and Castles…

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Download– Tangerine Dream (1968)

Kaleidoscope was a british psych-pop/rock band from britain, not to be confused with the american band with the same name.. i love this band when they incorporate psychedelic influences and dreamy chords in their music, but have a hard time when they just turn to sleazy fairy-tale lyrics about unicorns, castles and other boring subjects wich sort of reduces the greatness of the music and makes me think of this album as one long lullaby. Still the music usually gives me means to forget about the cheesy lyrics. It is a great album, otherwise i wouldn’t be posting it here. Tangerine Dream was Kaleidoscope’s debut and it generated a moderate domestic success but got a bit more attention abroad. This album should probably appeal even to the average Beatles fan.

The hit song is called ”The Sky Children”, my favourite though is ”Flight from Ashiya”.

Track of the day: Clouds of Dawn by Dead Moon


Liege and Lief

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Download– Liege and Lief (1969)

Fairport Convention was a british folk rock band, they got their name from the house were they rehersed. Liege and Lief is the groups fourth album and widly considered a mile stone in british folk rock, one might even go as far as to say that it is the starting point at wich folk rock began to get popular. It contains a lot of Fairport Conventions own verisions of old popular folk ballads such as ”Matty Grooves” and ”Reynardine”.

Track of the day: Stone Woman by Dust



The Return!

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Download– Lillie: F-65 (2012)

After 17 years they are back and Wino is back in Vitus. All is well.
If you’re not familiar to Saint Vitus then I can tell you that they’re one of the oldest and most infamous doom metal acts, Lillie F-65 is therefore as you might understand one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

…and it’s like nothings changed! Of course the production quality is a bit cleaner and crispy, for good or worse. It’s also a bit shorter than most of their previous releases (only 33 min!!? I mean comon this is doom). But I got to say that I’m really satisfied with what I got. This is to much a reminder of their masterpiece ”Born too Late” for me to not be satisfied!

The album starts of with the ”hit song”, if there ever was such a thing in doom, Let Them Fall. My personal favourite though is Blessed Night

Since I saw them live 2 weeks ago, I’m happy to note that they’re still going strong! Plodding on in doom.

Here’s a couple of photos from the northern parts of Sweden called Lappland, lots of mountains and forests. I usually spend a week or so there every year.



Norgefarargård på Klimpfjäll


Track of the day: Addis by OM