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City of my dreams

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Download– To Mega Therion (1985)

Todays entertainment, proletarian literature by swedish writer Fogelström and Celtic Frost. Or to be more precise ”To Mega Therion” their debut album. Heavier, more consistent and more riff laden than most about everything else that was being spat out at the time. A landmark of sorts you might say. Thrash metal with a touch of something a bit more darker, almost black metal sounding.  The album cover was painted by swiss surrealist painter H.R Giger , apart from painting the mostrosity that would become the Alien in the movie by the same title, he’s also painted album covers for Emerson Lake and Palmer amongst others.

In contradiction to me really liking this album, I have a lot of bad memories tied to it. For example being accidently hit over the head with an empty beer bottle at a garage concert and passing out whilst ”Jewel Throne” was being played in the background.

Track of the day: Bliss by Blues Pills, upcoming band check them out!


Harmony Dies

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Download Part 1, Part 2– Possessed (1985)

VENOM, ist krieg. 4th album fittingly named Possessed. Sounds like somebodys smashing up a junkyard… harmony dies. My own favourite in the Venom discography, a discography that contains a lot of good and a lot of bad. I read recently that Cronos, the singer, has gotten himself addicted to heroin over the last years – sad but not surprising? He looks a bit weary now a days.


I made a spontanious trip to Norrköping a few days ago with Hannes and Anna to meet up with our friends in Mamont to see Graveyard perform a live show, for free! Turned out the show was for some sort of festival and we had missed Year of the Goat who played a couple of hours before Graveyard.. After the Gravyard gig we drank the last of our beer and went on a bar stroll that seemed to last forever, since we had nowhere to sleep we ended up in a underground club called ”Blå Rummet” if i recall the name correctly, the guys from Skraekoedlan had taken control of the dj booth. Only bad thing was that we didn’t have any place to sleep. The night/morning ended with me falling of a window at the train station where I had crept up to try to get some sleep. I felt pretty mashed up when we finally got home to Örebro.


Anna and Hannes, ready for battle.


The rest of the crew



Internal infernal tatoos




I’m ending this set of blurry photos with a pic of this most awesome Jofama mc jacket I’ve gotten my hands on! Mint condition, made in the 70’s in Malung and it’s never been used before, fits me like a glove.


Track of the day: Dags för stordåd by Bo Hansson


When the power racks hit overdrive the banging heads they look toward the sky

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Download– Power From Hell (1985)

Onslaught’s debut, punk inspired thrashing madness from the UK. I like this stuff for the same reason I like bands like Discharge. Raw and fairly provocative stuff. There’s not really any songs on the album that stick out of the crowd, nonetheless this is an album worth adding to your collection, even if that collection is made up of mp3’s.

Here’s a pic from when Poison Idea played live in Stockholm a couple of days ago. Jerry A in the spotlight. He sounded tired, the sound was horrible. But at least now I could say I’ve seen what’s left of Poison Idea live.


Hehe and here’s a vid of a little punk. I don’t really know what to make of this… I just hope that the young gent’s adventure was carefully overseen by an adult.

Track of the day: Hit Single #1 by Hot Tuna


Why did i buy myself a trucker cap? One of many mysteries I dont have the answer to…

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Download– Demon Entrails Compilation

Paradox nr. 1 
Looking back it’s kind of a good thing Tom G. Warrior had a suicidal psycho mother who’s cats pissed on his clothes, making him the victim of serious bullying- Because, if it wasn’t for that sad story we probably would never have had Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Triptykon and all his other less famed projects.

Paradox nr. 2 
Facing facts, I know I  cant sport headswear of any type! I just dont look good in headwear. Apart from that I’m not a big fan of caps.. and trucker caps are especially hard to look good in, even if you actually fit in headwear, wich i dont. Therefore i must ask myself.. WHY then do I spend what little money I have on a trucker cap?
My theory is that my love for Hellhammer compensates for my disliking of caps.


Track of the day: In the land of Pink and Grey by Caravan



Thräshing in the Förbidden Wörld

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I’ve been getting into Antichrist’s fullenght debut ”Forbidden World” this past week since their going to kick out the jams at Muskelrock. They turned out to be sort of a pleasent surprise, retro-thrash with a modern twist. I now they’ve been getting some hype lately but I haven’t really cared since I’ve not been interested in thrash for quite some time… but it feels like this album turned my mind around on that point.

Conclusion: Overall ferociously fine, vocals are over the top awesome, spot on! Feels like a live band, I know I will enjoy this live.

Track of the day: Samaritan Burden by Witchcraft


Sepultura- Beneath the Remains

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Download- Beneath the Remains (1989) Roadrunner Records

I’ve posted far to little thrash metal on this blog. Therefore I know bestow upon you the gift that is brazilian Sepultura’s third creation! This album was without any doubt their opus-magnum! It sort of stands as an untouchable monument of the bands greatness. Even though the Sepultura of today has evolved into a self-parody early Sepultura and the Cavalera brothers works stand unwithered by time.

Why? Because it’s just so darn raw, technically aggressive and EVIL!!!  The band recruited a real producer for the first time, legendary Scott Burns, who managed to sharpen up the sound. Beneath the Remains is almost pushing the boundries over to death metal. When this album started to get attention, Sepultura exploded out of Brazil with ruthless intent and showed the rest of the world just how good they were.


Toxic Holocaust- Evil Never Dies

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DOWNLOAD- Evil Never Dies (2003) Witches Brew


After crawling out of the smoldering ruins of WW III, burnt by radiation Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust knows that War is Hell!