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Horisont- Två Sidor av Horisonten

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Download- Två Sidor av Horisonten (2009)

Oh yeah! This is funky fun!
This album is another streak of that proggy 70’s ”rock your pants of” music that I’m so fond of. This stuff right here makes me feel alive.
I like the fact that the first five songs are sung in english and the last five in swedish, a good combo. I saw them live about a week ago and it was pretty intense they got the crowd going! I’d sort of forgotten about them lately but the last couple of days I’ve been taking the album out for a spin in the recordplayer.

check it out! reminds me of Witchcraft, Abramis Brama..


Siena Root- Different Realities

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Download- Different Realities (2009) Headspin Records

Aaah because sometimes everything about an album is just
Magically superb in every way possible!
Maybe you’re doing something important right know, in wich case you need to stop concerning your mind with it because compared to floating off into the rythms of swedish Siena Root’s Different Realities it means nothing.

The album consists of two separet parts, the first one named simply ”We”. It features four tracks of classic 70’s psychedelic rock with howling vocals and spaced out organs. The second part is called ”The Road to Agartha” and this is were the genuine skill of the band is truly expressed! It’s an instrumental six track piece of psychedelic folk music with lots of sitar, powerfull drum works and so on..

Different Realities arrived in my mail box two days ago and it immedeatly took place amongst my favourite albums at the moment. I must have listened to it at least ten times already and it’s getting better with every spin in the recordplayer.

51 minutes of pure analogue bliss!

Last track on ”The Road to Agartha” part.
Agartha is supposedly a secret paradise in the centre of the earth.

Abramis Brama- Rubicon

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DOWNLOAD- Rubicon (2005) Transubstans Records

Now here’s another piece of that awesome swedish 70’s sounding-bluesy-prog-hippie’ concoction that I’m so fond of. Abramis Brama have been around since 1997 and has since released five albums. This is music inspired by stuff like November, acid rock and the swedish prog scene of the 70’s.

If you’re a fan of bands like Witchcraft, Magnolia and Graveyard then you’re a fool not to check these guys out!

catchy lyrics in swedish always hits my soft spot!


Magnolia- Falska Vägar

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Listen on Spotify- Falska Vägar (2008) Transubstans Records

Swedish psychedelic prog music, with a touch of bluesrock.
Magnolia was formed in 1994 by Ronny Erickson and has been donating the world music in the same vein as November and Råg i Ryggen for quite some time now. Apparently they got their name from an old Blue Cheer song. Falska vägar is the bands second album.

I uploaded one of my favourites from Falska Vägar on youtube- Kung Bore. As always it’s nice to hear a band sing in their native language. It always adds more warmth to the music.


Siena Root- Far From the Sun

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DOWNLOAD- Far From the Sun (2008) Transubstans Records

How about an injection of some analouge 70’s psychedelic rock? Thats what I’m craving this evening, therefore swedish Siena Root‘s Far From the Sun slipped of the recordshelf! Siena Root hail from the swedish capitol Stockholm and they’ve been around since the 90’s. Far From the Sun is their third fullenght album, it’s another one of many awesome Transubstans releases that’s been frequently rolling in my record player these last days.

Bluesy vocals, stratocasters, psychy organs, flutes and a heavy drums.
This is the bands own description of their name and music-

In the sense that blues is blue, hard rock is black, and reggae is pan African coloured, this music has the colour of siena. It is a warm, earthy colour, originally from the muddy roots of Toscana. Because this sound has roots that go deep, it was also natural to let root be a part of the bands name.

Are you Waiting for the Sun, well there it is!

Buy their albums here.


Witchcraft- The Alchemist

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DOWNLOAD- The Alchemist (2007) released on Rise Above

About time I wrote a post about Witchcraft, after all they are one of my favourite bands and in my opinion the best musical output that my bullshit hometown has come up with . My friend walked past Magnus Pelander, singer and guitarist in Witchcraft, the other day and he had cut off his long hair. That made me a little sad to hear.  Well… hopefully his singing and guitarplaying wont be affected by it. Time will tell. I hope they will conjure a fourth album soon, it’s about time.

The Alchemist however is fucken awesome and you should stop listening to whatever you might find worthy of your time if you haven’t heard it yet. As on previous releases they are walking the thin line beetwen doom, stoner and hardrock. The doom riffs brought back from the 70’s are still the backbone in the music. There’s some diffrences though.  I think all Witchcrafts releases are analouge recordings, though this one has a much cleaner production than the previous two.  There’s also a lot of instrumental mainly acoustic parts incorporated in many of the songs on The Alchemist. I liked the track Schyssta Lögner on the first selftitled album because it featured lyrics in swedish. They do this on The Alchemist as well in the song Leva.

Witchcraft - Photo

I think I have the japanese cd edition of The Alchemist , it features a cover on Sweet Honey Pie as a bonustrack.

… Anyway Bobby Liebling, Rocky Erickson and Toni Iommi are all clapping their hands and so should you.

DOWNLOAD- The Alchemist

November- En ny tid är här…

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DOWNLOAD- En ny tid är här…

This is something of a classic progg/swedish hardrock release. The first song ”Mount Everest” actually hit the swedish top-charts some lifetime ago.. the odds for that happening today is 1/9999999 according to my calculations.

”En ny tid är här” translates into ”A new time has come” and it was released in the summer of 1970. November‘s music is best defined as some sort of proto-hardrock with a touch of progg music. The band helped form what would become the swedish hardrock scene. Bands like Witchcraft and Abramis Brama have made tribute albums to these guys.

If you’re into the progg and rock music that came out of the 70’s then you really should check this out! As stated above, it’s a real classic!

DOWNLOAD- En ny tid är här…
1 Mount Everest
2 En annan värld
3 Lek att du är barn igen
4 Sekunder (Förvandlas till år)
5 En enkel sång om dig
6 Varje gång jag ser dig känns det lika skönt
7 Gröna blad
8 Åttonde
9 Ta ett steg in i sagans land
10 Balett blues