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A Fraction under my wheels

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Another band from Göteborgs (Gothenburgs) burgeoning rock scene!
One of the more intense bands I saw at Muskelrock this year, a really great live band. The front caracter and driving force is clearly vocalist Ann-Sophie Hoyles who i suspect is married to John Hoyles? former Witchcraft guitarist, the band was founded by him and Graveyard drummer Axel Sjöberg.

This 7″ called ”Fraction” was their debut, containing two dandy shooters:”Fraction” and a speedy cover of the Alice Cooper song ”Under my Wheels”. Released on De Nihil records.

Track of the day: The War Starter by Saint Vitus



Electric Wizard- Supercoven EP

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Download Supercoven (1998)

Doom metal- because heavyness needeth not extreme speed!
I wonder what it takes to create such tripped out sluggish audio terror. It’s a psychonaut burnout thats busting brains. I love the guitar effects! The riffs are smackin’ in a marvelous way and the vocals are almost as aggressive as on their later release ”Dopethrone”! Supercoven is also probably one of the most epic songs composed by the Wizard.

Taste the doom


Boris- Heavy Rocks II

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Download- Heavy Rocks II (2011) Sargent House

Frantic fuzz rock from japanese band Boris! Heavy Rocks II is their 16th album, they usually come up with three albums a year, and as the title suggests it’s a bit heavier than the stuff from their first era. If their early albums were based on doom and drone influences this has more of a punk-ish stoner rock approach. The band themselves has stated that with this release they’re trying to recapture that heavy sound they had on the album ”Heavy Rocks”, thus naming it Heavy Rocks II. Not sure if they succeded though, I haven’t listened to Heavy Rocks, but I can say that this is the best stuff I’ve heard with Boris so far and when I saw them live in Stockholm the played songs mainly from this album.


Gay Witch Abortion- Maverick

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Download- Maverick (2009) Learning Curve Records

A nice piece of stoner rock from the duo GWA from Minneapolis who knows how to work a groove! A lot of focus on guitars and drums. Vocals doesn’t really matter and lyrics are just some bullshit written down on a paper to excuse the fact that you like to drool over the mic. Apparently the band have played live shows for quite some time and had become sort of popular in the Minneapolis underground without releasing any album, so the expectations for their debut album Maverick were high. I’d say they nailed it!


Earthless- Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky

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Download- Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (2007) Tee Pee

Earthless second albums gives new meaning to the word psychedelic! This kind of music is best described in colours, motion, energy.. floating etc. The album cover sucking you in to a mysteries world beyond reach!

As usual when it comes to Earthless there’s no vocals (unless you bought the cd, then you get a cover of The Groundhogs Cherry Red), just one hell of a mighty power trio tripping of into space. The influences are clear. Hawkwind, Sleep, Hendrix…
The album consists of two  lenghty songs, both stretching over 20 min of mindbending solos!

Take a ride!


Goatsnake- 1+Dogdays

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Download- 1+Dogdays (2004) Southern Lord

Here’s a nice stoner metal compilation featuring Goatsnake’s first album and the Dogdays ep. Usually I’m not a big fan of comps but i figured I’m far to lazy to get the ep so why not kill two birds with one stone.

Well there’s a goat on the album, that’s always a good sign. Played loud enough this album is a real stoner(boner) dream. The full-lenght album is without any doubt the brightest side of the comp. but Dog Days does feature a really cool cover of Black Sabbath’s ”Who are you”.

Get stoned


Acid Bath- Paegan Terrorism Tactics

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Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Download- Paegan Terrorism tactics (1996) Rotten Records

It’s Nirvana? It’s Eyehategod? It’s Deicide? nope it’s Acid Bath and it sounds like everything at the same time. This was kickin’ heads in 1996 and it’s kickin’ my head 2011.

Well the skyscrapers look like gravestones
From out here