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13/Grief 7″ Split

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Download- Split (1993) Grievance

A brutal somewhat known death/sludge/doom metal split with two decent bands! Liz Buckingham who handles the six strings in Electric Wizard were in on this project playing with 13.
It’s simple and down to earth, no fancy stuff. Three relentlessly slow tracks.  I like it!


Acid Bath- Paegan Terrorism Tactics

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Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Download- Paegan Terrorism tactics (1996) Rotten Records

It’s Nirvana? It’s Eyehategod? It’s Deicide? nope it’s Acid Bath and it sounds like everything at the same time. This was kickin’ heads in 1996 and it’s kickin’ my head 2011.

Well the skyscrapers look like gravestones
From out here


Dark Castle- Surrender to all life beyond form

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DOWNLOAD- Surrender to all life beyond form (2011) Profound Lore

God I’m just to tired.. just moved to a new town, Lund, to start my studies. It’s like 500 km south of my home in Örebro. Well at least now I’ve sort of settled into my new room after a lot of effort put into carrying heavy furniture and of course my entire record collection.

So next thing on the ”to-do-list” is post a new crunchy little treat for the co)))ven! This Dark Castle hails from Florida and has so far conjured up two slabs of sludgy doom from it’s dungeons, this one being the latest. We get served a weird sounding sludge-audio-agression, some strange ritualistic tracks and great female vocals!
For fans of Yob and Zoroaster.


Pyramido- Salt

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DOWNLOAD- Salt (2011) Totalrust

I saw these guys yesterday along with some crusty punk bands I cant remember the name of. The beer was cheap so I figured I could afford a 12′. Nice to have some doom metal in Örebro..

So Pyramido! Malmö based sludging doomlords. From what I can tell Salt has gotten some hype these last months since it’s release in april, and it’s dominantly positive! I wouldn’t be the first to draw the parallel between Pyramido and american sludge lords Eye hate God. Though Pyramido icorporate more doom into their music and every now and then some melodious parts kick in. Fuck’n love the bass on this one..

They were pretty intense live, the Örebro audience seemed more interested in the crust though and started to leave.. but the singer put on a good act anyway, despite shitty audience.

Crushing indeed, hats off!


Yob- The Illusion of Motion

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DOWNLOAD- The Illusion of Motion

Now here’s a piece of intense sludge/doom. This is the kind of album you want to turn the volum up on til you drive your neighbours mad.

We got heavy profound riffing, hoarse screaming and some really wierd clean vocals that seems to blend in with the guitars. The first song on the album ”Ball of Molten Lead” is a real killer, you can listen to it here! As always when it comes to doom all the tracks are really long, but I’m content with saying that the music never turn to boredom. Much due to the fact that the band is constantly incorporating some new element in the music.

The last closing track on the album is a 26 min epic masterpiece, i started my morning with having breakfast and listening to it. Kind of set the tempo of this day.. slow.


It’s a genuinely good album that deserves your attention. Listen to it and prepare for quite a trip.
DOWNLOAD- The Illusion of Motion 
1 Ball of Molten Lead
2 Exorcism of the Host
3 Doom #2
4 The Illusion of Motion