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Rockin’ bones

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Download– 3 (1971)

American hard rock from the 70’s. At certain points it doesn’t sound to different from Uriah Heep. As the title might suggest this is Bloodrock’s third effort. A dandy rocker packed to the limit with heavy moments. Escpecially the second track on the first side called ”Whisky Vengeance” and the almost doom metal sounding first track ”Breach of Lease” on the second side comes to mind! Still the album doesn’t lack in funky jams.


This is a very good and talented friend of mine called Anton ”Sundelliluran” Sundell! In fact he is so talanted that he gets to do the effects on Witchcraft‘s upcoming fourth album. One of my favourite bands. He’s also got his own band called Åtgärdslandet, I’ve blogged about them before. You can check them out at soundcloud or contact me if you want a copy of their ep. They’ll soon put out some more material.


And raggare is still a bunch of MOTHER FUCKERS!

the pin was made by a small enterprise called ”Bastardized” run by swedish punksters Nitad. Sundelliluran had a hole bunch of them.

Track of the day: Flytrap by Venom



A Fraction under my wheels

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Another band from Göteborgs (Gothenburgs) burgeoning rock scene!
One of the more intense bands I saw at Muskelrock this year, a really great live band. The front caracter and driving force is clearly vocalist Ann-Sophie Hoyles who i suspect is married to John Hoyles? former Witchcraft guitarist, the band was founded by him and Graveyard drummer Axel Sjöberg.

This 7″ called ”Fraction” was their debut, containing two dandy shooters:”Fraction” and a speedy cover of the Alice Cooper song ”Under my Wheels”. Released on De Nihil records.

Track of the day: The War Starter by Saint Vitus



7″ of Satan’s Boogie

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Download– Devils on a Stroll

Good ol’ rock’n roll! nothing to fancy, just a little something to get your feet moving! It’s got a touch of the 70’s. I’ve seen Marulk live once, it was pretty intense! They’re really more of a live band in my opinion.

Hopefully the download link works.. usually I find all the torrents I upload on mediafire, but the world is full of assholes, especially the corrupt big buisness music industry and for that reason mediafire is no more.

Track of the Day: Waiting for Tomorrow by Hawkwind


Come to the Sabbat folks

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Download Sacrifice (1970)

A nice slab of occult rock from 70′, they remind me of Coven, the drunken brittish version of Coven… They had the same goofy satanic approach with sacrifices and other fairly dark stuff taking place on the stage,  that of course stirred some noise back in the days. They started out as ”Pesky Gee”, wich I think means ”annoying old pervert”.. a bit softer and more psychedelic than Black widow, but since 1970 was a year of the goat the lads felt it appropriate to change their name, release ”Sacrifice” and fool around a bit with black magic. Their most popular track ”Come to the Sabbat”, featured on this release, has been covered by bands like Death SS and Church of Misery.


Track of the day: War is our Destiny by Saint Vitus 


In the fire, the King will come.

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Download– Argus (1969)

Yet another album that was mandatory back in it’s day! You might say that it’s a timeless classic.. but since most people in my age cant separate a Beatles song from a Deep Purple song, that might be streching it a little to far these days. Anyhow, it’s the third album by Wishbone Ash, their most famous and appreciated effort according to fans and critics. Personaly I’m more a fan of their first album. This album however is a good example of the type of early twin-led guitar harmonization that heavier bands would pick up on and progress. It also contains the dangerously catchy songs ”Warrior” and ”The King will come”.

It’s both smothe and hard.

Track of the day: The Nightchild by Electric Wizard


Yep it’s Uriah Heep, in their finest hour.

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Download- Salisbury (1971)

Uriah Heep, a perfect example of a band who’s material started out strong, just to stagnate over time due to booze and people taking a piss on each other. Salisbury is the their finest hour. A fine blend of jazz, heavy metal, psychedelic rock and all other good things in life. For some reason I’ve fallen in love with the ballad on the A-side ”Lady in Black”.. cant stop listening to it… cathy it is, and cathy is apparently good.

Kudos Uriah Heep, there’s a big fat sign behind you that says ”disco”. That was a warning sign of dark times to come.

Tomorrow I’l be here watching Morbus Chron and Obnoxious Youth.


Long hot night thinking of you.. I love you Britain!

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Download- Jerusalem (1972)

THIS IS GOOD MUSIC! seriously! if you dont like this I’m going to find you and I’m going to force you into liking it. This band has seriously been overlooked. Jerusalem (not to be confused with the swedish hard rock band) managed to spew forth a single and this masterful fullenght piece of heavy rock before fading into obscurity. Released on Deram records, produced by Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, Jerusalem have toured with both Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. It’s got that primal, raw and real, feeling to it!

It’s all I ever wanted! Enjoy!

For fans of Blue Cheer and Leaf Hound.

Today I’ve been feeling sort of pissed of ever since I woke up therefore the
Track of the day is: Love song by Doom, get crusty.