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The Meteors- Bastard Sons of a Rock’n Roll Devil

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DOWNLOAD- Bastard Sons of a Rock’n Roll Devil (1997) Hellraiser Rec.

Brittish The Meteors! selfproclaimed masters and founders of psychobilly. I saw a guy with OTMAPP (Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly) written on the back of his jacket a couple of weeks ago but it’s not until today that I actually understood the meaning of it. After listening to this for a while I’m inclined to agree with him though.  

These bastards  have been tearing the roof off of my house with this hellish psych album. It truly is a rock’n roll devil. If you’re a fan of Tarantino and the music featured in his films, then you should find this album pleasing since it would fit in well in a grindhouse movie.
Nightmare in Elche (Alicante Breakdown)

The Meteors started out almost thirty years ago as a counter reaction to the soft rockabilly popular back then, 40 albums later they’re still going strong.


The Cramps- …Off the Bone

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DOWNLOAD- Off the Bone

Decomposed zombie-swamp rock’n roll with that typical southern sound to it. The Cramps are amongst the originators of garage punk, blending punk and rockabilly. Also, they’re often associated with the psychobilly genre on wich they were a big influence. The band broke up in 2009 when singer Lux Interior passed away, may he r.i.p.

Off the Bone is a compilation of early singles, b-sides and obscurities first released in 1983. There’s also a couple of covers of songs by The Trashmen, Elvis etc. I’m going to try and sum up the album with a few words.
– Drugs, cadillacs are cool, rich people suck, look at me dancing, voodoo, I’m tired of being bored and my shitty job doesn’t pay enough, leather sex.

Listen for yourself! Garbageman and The Crusher.

Longlasting members Lux Interior and Poison Ivy.

This album is probably best enjoyed driving a cadillac down a boulevard whilst throwing empty beer cans at rich people.

DOWNLOAD- Off the Bone



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Ställer mig frågan varför har jag inte lyssnat på psychobilly tidigare?!
Helt otrolig musik! It’z a rock’n roll devil.

Beställde plattor igår med banden The Meteors, The Cramps och The Gun Club för att komma inte lite mer i genren. De senare två är väll kanske mer föregångare till psychobilly, men men lika bra att starta i början.
The Cramps – Human Fly
The Gun Club – Mother Of Earth
The Meteors – Nightmare In Elche (Alicante Breakdown)