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From the psychedelic recordshelf

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Some of the latest editions to the collection! Japanese psychedelic rock from the 70’s in the shape of Shinki Chen, the japanese version of Jimi Hendrix! And some more 70’s psych in the form of Blue Cheer’s second album! Great stuff for a gloomy day such as mine!






Passing Through the Mastery Door

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My friends in Mamont are releasig their first album soon, 28 September ! I’ve got one of the first copies! It’s well played psychedelic/stoner rock! Support them! Buy their album! Buy them a beer!

Pre-order at;


Unicorns and Castles…

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Download– Tangerine Dream (1968)

Kaleidoscope was a british psych-pop/rock band from britain, not to be confused with the american band with the same name.. i love this band when they incorporate psychedelic influences and dreamy chords in their music, but have a hard time when they just turn to sleazy fairy-tale lyrics about unicorns, castles and other boring subjects wich sort of reduces the greatness of the music and makes me think of this album as one long lullaby. Still the music usually gives me means to forget about the cheesy lyrics. It is a great album, otherwise i wouldn’t be posting it here. Tangerine Dream was Kaleidoscope’s debut and it generated a moderate domestic success but got a bit more attention abroad. This album should probably appeal even to the average Beatles fan.

The hit song is called ”The Sky Children”, my favourite though is ”Flight from Ashiya”.

Track of the day: Clouds of Dawn by Dead Moon


Rockin’ bones

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Download– 3 (1971)

American hard rock from the 70’s. At certain points it doesn’t sound to different from Uriah Heep. As the title might suggest this is Bloodrock’s third effort. A dandy rocker packed to the limit with heavy moments. Escpecially the second track on the first side called ”Whisky Vengeance” and the almost doom metal sounding first track ”Breach of Lease” on the second side comes to mind! Still the album doesn’t lack in funky jams.


This is a very good and talented friend of mine called Anton ”Sundelliluran” Sundell! In fact he is so talanted that he gets to do the effects on Witchcraft‘s upcoming fourth album. One of my favourite bands. He’s also got his own band called Åtgärdslandet, I’ve blogged about them before. You can check them out at soundcloud or contact me if you want a copy of their ep. They’ll soon put out some more material.


And raggare is still a bunch of MOTHER FUCKERS!

the pin was made by a small enterprise called ”Bastardized” run by swedish punksters Nitad. Sundelliluran had a hole bunch of them.

Track of the day: Flytrap by Venom



YES we can!

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Download– Relayer (1975)

Kick-starting my saturday evening with lemon beer and Relayer, 7th album by Yes. A band thats just gotten stranger and stranger over the years. In the midst of all the madness going on here there’s a couple of brilliant moments, a couple of soft moments and a couple of complex ones.

This album is disharmony at it’s best. Prog.

Track of the day: Bloodstone by Judas Priest



I bring you gifts, I give you Bo Hansson!

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Download– Sagan om Ringen (1970)

First album by swedish hammond organist Bo Hansson! I can’t stress enough how awesome this album is! Doing a concept album on The Lord of The Rings trilogy might not seem as obscure today as it did 1970, before the hole thing got hyped to pieces. But back then this probably came off as an odd-baller, as a lot of the prog from that era! The album was, due to economical difficulties, recorded in a cottage on a small island using nothing but a borrowed four track recorder. Sagan Om Ringen was after a lot of persuasion released on Silence Records, Sweden’s first independent record label. Somehow the album an ended up on the UK top 40 charts and was released in Britain as ”Music inspired by The Lord of the Rings”.

I love this album for it’s cosy atmosphere, warm organs and lovely artwork! so should you!

My reasoning goes as such: Bo Hansson makes Summoning seem like the biggest ripp-off of the last decades.

Track of the Day: Blind Mountain by Spiritual Beggars


7″ of Satan’s Boogie

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Download– Devils on a Stroll

Good ol’ rock’n roll! nothing to fancy, just a little something to get your feet moving! It’s got a touch of the 70’s. I’ve seen Marulk live once, it was pretty intense! They’re really more of a live band in my opinion.

Hopefully the download link works.. usually I find all the torrents I upload on mediafire, but the world is full of assholes, especially the corrupt big buisness music industry and for that reason mediafire is no more.

Track of the Day: Waiting for Tomorrow by Hawkwind