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Took my place in the Court of the Crimson King

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YES we can!

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Download– Relayer (1975)

Kick-starting my saturday evening with lemon beer and Relayer, 7th album by Yes. A band thats just gotten stranger and stranger over the years. In the midst of all the madness going on here there’s a couple of brilliant moments, a couple of soft moments and a couple of complex ones.

This album is disharmony at it’s best. Prog.

Track of the day: Bloodstone by Judas Priest



I bring you gifts, I give you Bo Hansson!

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Download– Sagan om Ringen (1970)

First album by swedish hammond organist Bo Hansson! I can’t stress enough how awesome this album is! Doing a concept album on The Lord of The Rings trilogy might not seem as obscure today as it did 1970, before the hole thing got hyped to pieces. But back then this probably came off as an odd-baller, as a lot of the prog from that era! The album was, due to economical difficulties, recorded in a cottage on a small island using nothing but a borrowed four track recorder. Sagan Om Ringen was after a lot of persuasion released on Silence Records, Sweden’s first independent record label. Somehow the album an ended up on the UK top 40 charts and was released in Britain as ”Music inspired by The Lord of the Rings”.

I love this album for it’s cosy atmosphere, warm organs and lovely artwork! so should you!

My reasoning goes as such: Bo Hansson makes Summoning seem like the biggest ripp-off of the last decades.

Track of the Day: Blind Mountain by Spiritual Beggars


Horisont- Två Sidor av Horisonten

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Download- Två Sidor av Horisonten (2009)

Oh yeah! This is funky fun!
This album is another streak of that proggy 70’s ”rock your pants of” music that I’m so fond of. This stuff right here makes me feel alive.
I like the fact that the first five songs are sung in english and the last five in swedish, a good combo. I saw them live about a week ago and it was pretty intense they got the crowd going! I’d sort of forgotten about them lately but the last couple of days I’ve been taking the album out for a spin in the recordplayer.

check it out! reminds me of Witchcraft, Abramis Brama..


Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Tarkus

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Download- Tarkus (1971) Island, Manticore

Here you go, a fair dose of old smelly prog! Twisting and turning music for a mind in disarray!
The name of the band refer to the last name of the band members of this supergroup. Greg Lake played in King Crimson before joining ELP and Carl Palmer in Atomic Rooster, names that shouldn’t be unfamiliar to the well versed listener!
Lake stated in an early interview that he viewed Tarkus as a representation of the military-industrial complex, and that his lyrics were about that and the futility of war and strife.. sounds reasonable!

Inside the sleeve of the album.


Spirogyra- St. Radigunds

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Download- St. Radigunds (1971) B & C Records

Spirogyra was at the forefront of the folk boom that aroused around the brittish Canterbury region in the 60-70’s. Mixing psychedelic influences with folk music, the band sounds like a hybride of Beatles and The Incredible String Band. In my opinion St Radigunds is lyrical storytelling at it’s best with that tone of old english romanticism, tempered by an undercurrent of left-wing politics!
This is the the kind of music that opens up a door to a parallel world that exists solely in the mind of the listener.

Life is good!



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Download- Moonmadness (1976) Decca

More prog! Camel formed in 1971 and are still going strong, they’ve played an importent part in the early history of the brittish ”Canterbury scene”, known for it’s jazzy prog rock.

Moonmadness is the Camel’s fourth album and it’s a slim mostly instrumental ode to calm moonlit nights! Apparently the album has sort of a loose concept based on the different individual personalities of the band members. This is music made by guys like Andrew ”Air born” Latimer and Andy ”Lunar sea” Ward… Soft organs, smoothe guitars and soothing drum works.