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South African psych/acid/hard rock

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I was looking for strange psych/acid rock bands from countries that usually dont classify as home of the heavy! I found Suck! Apparently South Africa have contributed more than I thought to the pscyh/hard rock scene! Suck was part of the first wave of South African hard rock, that became known as ”The Big Heavies”. They released only one LP in 1971 called ”Time to Suck” , the dandy tune above is featured on that album!

I imagine it couldn’t have been easy performing for these bands back in the 70’s when the unjustifiable and despicable conservative aparthaid regime still had a firm grip on South Africa! (that still, to some extent, lingers on unto this day->documentary). Suck was bannished from and road-blocked from a lot of South African citys.

Another of the Big Heavies bands was Freedom’s Children, that was innovative both musically and politically. A prime example of another ”what if only” story, since their problem was that no one outside South Africa was listening. When they tried to beak fresh ground in the UK the british policy on aparthied prohibited them from getting work permits and forced them to perform most of their shows illegaly. Even though they opposed the apartheid system.
A quote from the band- ”You don’t call yourself Freedom’s Children in South Africa without a good reason”

(From the album ”Galactic Vibes”, released in 1971)

Another Big Heavie that suffered similiar fates as Suck and Freedom’s Children was Otis Waygood Bluesband

What conclusions can we make of this?
– Racist and/or conservative assholes never ever have good taste in music and tends to kill creative souls. Good music is the music of the oppressed as it has always been.

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