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Napalm Death- Scum

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DOWNLOAD- SCUM (1987) Earache Records

Scumy grindcore.

Napalm Death‘s first album! Now that is a top notch album cover made by a member of Carcass! One of my favourites, who invented that type of aesthetic.. was it CRASS? I dont know but i like it.

Anyway this is a piece of grind history. The album was recorded for a cheap sum at Rich Bitch Studios in Birmingham. At first the A side of the album was intended for a split release with a crossover band but  since Napalm Death underwent some changes in line up that project never saw the light of day. Instead a B side was recorded, notably only drummer Mich Harris played on both sides of the album. Eventually some guy from Earache Records came along and decided to release the album.

Shitty filth lo fi production. Just the way I want it. This album is 33 min of relentless audio violence.
A quirky little note about it is that it was entered into the Guinness book of World Records for shortest song ever recorded.


Terrorizer-World Downfall

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DOWNLOAD- World Downfall (1989) Eearache Records

You wont get one of the worlds biggest extreme metal magazines to name itself after you if you’re not something special, if you’re not extra angry, if your not a pioneer! This is the birth of american grindcore! This is were Pete Sandoval most famous as the drummer in Morbid Angel made his first appearance and blast-beated the shit out of an audience of crustpunks and thrash metal fans. Famous death metal producer Scott Burns mixed the album and David Vincent, also from Morbid Angel, did the bass lines. In other words this album is real history!

When the right parties won the last election in Sweden this was the album I turned to in my frustration! Listening to it you get the feeling that justice itself is gunning for global corporations, neo-liberals and capitalist agendas. It’s intense!

Corporation Pull-In
The rich get rich the poor stay poor
working hard all for nothing
life of dreams shatter faith
down and grim there’s no answer