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Advaitic Songs

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Om, formed by Al Cisneros after his former legendary doom metal band ”Sleep” decided to call it a quit. I’ve posted their third album ”Pilgrimage” on the blog before. This however is their latest output called ”Advaitic Songs”. It came out in stores not more than two weeks ago.

Om is a doom metal band, at least on the paper. Though with this release I dont really know what to make of it genrewise anymore, is it drone? Every album that they’ve made so far has been sort of  theme album on a melody that is played in different versions. Advaitic Songs however displays a bit more of variation when it comes to melody. Still this is with all certainty my favourite Om release so far!

The album starts smoothly with the track Addis. If you’re familiar with Om’s earlier releases then you’ve probably felt that the music always takes on a spiritual transcendental sound” (and seen, their albums of late have sported orthodox christian ikons on the front). Addis is a prime example of that ”spiritual sound”, it’s not hard to imagine someone standing at the top of a minaret humming this song.

To quote another listener: a spiritual expedition into the dynamics of heavy music.

The second sludgy track ”State of Non-Return” is the only track that is somewhat reminiscent to the doom metal sound, still I think this album in general catches the ”feeling of doom”. Check it out, maybe you agree or maybe you dont.


Track of the day: Trouble Trouble by Foghat


Spires over the burial Womb

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Woho, finally got some spare time for the first time in like a month.. studying really is a fulltime occupation! Well I’m back in my hometown for a couple of days so i figured I’d post some albums!
Here’s some really dark ambient stuff.. in the veins of Dead can Dance, Sunno))), Lurker of Chalice etc. I think this band used to be called ”Emit” but then switched name to Hammemit for this realse. Emit was a black metal/ambient project that featured a member from Ofermod. This realese however has more of a strictly ambient sound with some medieval melodies and gregorian chanting.


Know I’m of to the capitol to see OM!


Earth- The Bees made honey in the Lion’s skull.

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Download The Bees made honey in the Lion’s skull (2008)

Taste the honey-dripping drones of Earth‘s fifth fullenght album.
I couldn’t think of a more soothing and calm album than this one! This is the true essence of drone/doom. Mighty melodies and epic soundscapes blessing the listener with feelings of redemption and calm that lasts no less than 53 minutes. This album is a lot less metal than many of their previous releases and that suits me just fine, I like this sound, I like the feelings i derive from it and I like dozing off into my own head with this album in the background.


Lurker of Chalice- Lurker of Chalice

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Lurker of Chalice - Lurker of Chalice
DOWNLOAD- Lurker of Chalice (2005) Southern Lords Records

Found this gem on my recordshelf today. I’d totaly forgotten about it so i figured I’d write a couple of lines about it here.

Lurker of Chalice is the sideproject of Wrest, most known for his black metal project Leviathan. This is more of a blackened drone/ambient release, really atmospheric reminds me a bit of Sunno))). Wrest clearly has a lot of talent. Monotonous riffs and drumming, a lot of spoken word and almost growling vocals.

Piercing were they Might


Boris- Smile

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DOWNLOAD- Smile (2008) Southern Lord Recordings

Damn it’s so hard to know what’s good and what’s not when it comes to japanese Boris. When a band has released 17 albums, countless ep’s and splits it’s naturally going to be hard for the listener to sort out the stuff he or she likes. I know that the album ”Pink” is considered to be their best and I think I read somewhere that ”Smile” was another album worth having. So i bought it. Totaly worth it.

Boris - Photo

Boris are known for blending a lot of genres and on Smile the audience is served a wild mix of stoner/noise rock and drone with japanese vocals. I love how they manage to combine fuzzed up adrenaline pumping songs such as Laser Beam with more drone-alike songs like Flower Sun Rain and still not lose the consept.

Hopefully I’m going to see Boris play live in Gothenburg in a month or so. Thats going to be really awesome I think they’re supposed to be a great live band.
Anyway, if you’re not a cheap bastard you could by the album from here!


Megaton Leviathan- Water Wealth Hell on Earth

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DOWNLOAD- Water Wealth Hell on Earth  (2010) Feretro Records

Just came back from ”Muskelrock på Tyrolen” where I got to shake hands with Bobby Leibling of Pentagram and watch Thor bend iron. I was also pursuaded by the owner of  the ”I Hate” doom label, a really cool guy, to by this album. They’re based in Portland and apparently features one of the members of Wolves in the Throne Room.

It’s actually a bit similiar to WitTR, only this is drone/doom metal not black metal. It sounds dark and ethereal, I think this release is going to grow on me a lot.

Water Wealth Hell on Earth Pt. 1 ! The reverb is everywhere.

Silvester Anfang- Sylvester Anfang II

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DOWNLOAD-Sylvester Anfang II

These dutch bastards are something of the wierdest I’ve gotten my hands on for a while. I assume that they have taken their name from the Mayhem song Silvester Anfang featured on the Deathcrush ep. Apparently the band consists of members from a music collective.

Silvester Anfang‘s music isn’t as dark as the album cover could lead you to believe. To my ears it sounds like they are blending psychedelic drone with krautrock. Sounds ritualistic, trance like… I’m not going to try to explain the music any further, you have to listen for yourself. Boom Van De Eerste Menstruate.

Live somewhere in Germany.

I must say I’m a big fan of the bands aesthetics wich i find cool and generally disturbing! I like that when you buy into a band you get a visual experience as well, through pictures, booklets and album covers.

DOWNLOAD-Sylvester Anfang II