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Night of Doom

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Advaitic Songs

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Om, formed by Al Cisneros after his former legendary doom metal band ”Sleep” decided to call it a quit. I’ve posted their third album ”Pilgrimage” on the blog before. This however is their latest output called ”Advaitic Songs”. It came out in stores not more than two weeks ago.

Om is a doom metal band, at least on the paper. Though with this release I dont really know what to make of it genrewise anymore, is it drone? Every album that they’ve made so far has been sort of  theme album on a melody that is played in different versions. Advaitic Songs however displays a bit more of variation when it comes to melody. Still this is with all certainty my favourite Om release so far!

The album starts smoothly with the track Addis. If you’re familiar with Om’s earlier releases then you’ve probably felt that the music always takes on a spiritual transcendental sound” (and seen, their albums of late have sported orthodox christian ikons on the front). Addis is a prime example of that ”spiritual sound”, it’s not hard to imagine someone standing at the top of a minaret humming this song.

To quote another listener: a spiritual expedition into the dynamics of heavy music.

The second sludgy track ”State of Non-Return” is the only track that is somewhat reminiscent to the doom metal sound, still I think this album in general catches the ”feeling of doom”. Check it out, maybe you agree or maybe you dont.


Track of the day: Trouble Trouble by Foghat


The Return!

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Download– Lillie: F-65 (2012)

After 17 years they are back and Wino is back in Vitus. All is well.
If you’re not familiar to Saint Vitus then I can tell you that they’re one of the oldest and most infamous doom metal acts, Lillie F-65 is therefore as you might understand one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

…and it’s like nothings changed! Of course the production quality is a bit cleaner and crispy, for good or worse. It’s also a bit shorter than most of their previous releases (only 33 min!!? I mean comon this is doom). But I got to say that I’m really satisfied with what I got. This is to much a reminder of their masterpiece ”Born too Late” for me to not be satisfied!

The album starts of with the ”hit song”, if there ever was such a thing in doom, Let Them Fall. My personal favourite though is Blessed Night

Since I saw them live 2 weeks ago, I’m happy to note that they’re still going strong! Plodding on in doom.

Here’s a couple of photos from the northern parts of Sweden called Lappland, lots of mountains and forests. I usually spend a week or so there every year.



Norgefarargård på Klimpfjäll


Track of the day: Addis by OM


Keep this in mind! Vitus’ soul is watching you! Through the veils of time!

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Download- Saint Vitus (1984)

Saint Vitus started out as early as the late 1970s, along with Pentagram and Trouble.. and they’re still one of the best doom metal outfits around.

Let me start by saying..  Scott Reagers on vocals is so, so, sooo much better than Wino! He’s vocals is what makes this album! When I first started listening to Saint Vitus I had kind of a hard time getting into it, I liked ”Born too late” from the start but I didnt really find Wino’s vocals that fascinating. THEN! I picked up this master-of doom-piece and understood what it was all about. Saint Vitus aint no bullshit hype, this is the real thing, this old school american doom metal. This is their first self-titled album and it’s one of the best doom metal albums I’ve heard.

If you’re into this stuff than this should tingle your balls!

Track of the day: Think by Void


I can smell the blossom, and hear the buzzing bee!

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Download- Friends of Hell (1983)

The Witchfinder has no limits when it comes to ugly album covers.
”Tits, swords, witches” seems to be the theme here… I mean what more could a 15 year old ask for? Adolescent violence, drug abuse, love on smack, seems resonable. It’s the NWOBHM!
Well anyway, the Witchfinder General is yet another unsung legend thats managed to reach cult status within it’s own genre, that is to say doom metal. This is their second album, it’s not as great as their first, but still I’m imposing it on you dear reader because I think that it deserves some attention non the less!

They started out in the late 70’s and are held up as one of the biggest influences on doom metal, sure not as big as Black Sabbath.. but still. They got their name from the movie Witchfinder General wich I have yet to see.

I get there and I find you under our favorite tree
I can smell the blossom, and hear the buzzing bee

I sit down right beside you and I look into your eyes
Feel a deep emotion as you look onto the skies


Track of the day: Reynardine by The Fairport Convention


Children of Doom, Saint Vitus for life!

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Download- Children of doom (1992)

They rule you, they fool you.
It’s the same ol’ Vitus, except Christian Lindersson who’ve sung for Count Raven and more recently Lord Vicar is handling the vocals here. My favourite Vitus singer has always been Scott Reager.. Wino really isn’t that much of a singer in my opinion.


Engangsgrillen! split

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Download- Engangsgrill (2009)

Split ep with Fenriz of Darkthrone and Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest.

Fenriz ❤ , awesome

Nattefrost </3 , bad to the point of unbearable

”Into the everlasting fire”