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When the power racks hit overdrive the banging heads they look toward the sky

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Download– Power From Hell (1985)

Onslaught’s debut, punk inspired thrashing madness from the UK. I like this stuff for the same reason I like bands like Discharge. Raw and fairly provocative stuff. There’s not really any songs on the album that stick out of the crowd, nonetheless this is an album worth adding to your collection, even if that collection is made up of mp3’s.

Here’s a pic from when Poison Idea played live in Stockholm a couple of days ago. Jerry A in the spotlight. He sounded tired, the sound was horrible. But at least now I could say I’ve seen what’s left of Poison Idea live.


Hehe and here’s a vid of a little punk. I don’t really know what to make of this… I just hope that the young gent’s adventure was carefully overseen by an adult.

Track of the day: Hit Single #1 by Hot Tuna


Why did i buy myself a trucker cap? One of many mysteries I dont have the answer to…

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Download– Demon Entrails Compilation

Paradox nr. 1 
Looking back it’s kind of a good thing Tom G. Warrior had a suicidal psycho mother who’s cats pissed on his clothes, making him the victim of serious bullying- Because, if it wasn’t for that sad story we probably would never have had Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Triptykon and all his other less famed projects.

Paradox nr. 2 
Facing facts, I know I  cant sport headswear of any type! I just dont look good in headwear. Apart from that I’m not a big fan of caps.. and trucker caps are especially hard to look good in, even if you actually fit in headwear, wich i dont. Therefore i must ask myself.. WHY then do I spend what little money I have on a trucker cap?
My theory is that my love for Hellhammer compensates for my disliking of caps.


Track of the day: In the land of Pink and Grey by Caravan



From the Death to the Metal

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Download- Seven Churches (1985)

I welcome the Seven Churches into the collection, the album that put a name to its genre! Shame on me for not getting this piece of scabious death metal sooner. It’s my type of death metal, it’s thrash, only much more frantic and relentless. Since the boys in Possessed had not finished highschool when it was time to record the album back in 1985, they did so during Easter break…


The graves of the early 90’s comes back to haunt us.

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Download- Miasmal (2011)

Okay.. so what I usually find other people saying on the blogosphere about this new wave of old school death metal thats appeared lately, sperheaded by bands like Bastard Priest, Tormented, Tribulation, Death Breath and Miasmal is…

– ”ooh I was around in the late 80’s when death metal was miscarried into this world, I’ve heard it all before and I really dont give a rats ass about all these new wannabes bla bla bla bla… BUT this is just to good to ignore even though it’s not original”

I was born a couple of months after the Berlin wall fell. In other words I was crawling around on the floor playing with lego at the time of death metal’s birth, I was born to suffer the hideous part of the 90’s. I caught up on the death metal that started out in the late 80’s a decade later.. still.. I have to agree it might not be that original but it’s just to good to turn a blind eye to it.

The album is selftitled, thus named ”Miasmal”, but it also contains the bands first demo also named ”Miasmal” and their ep, and would you know! it’s also named ”Miasmal”…  In other words you get every Miasmal song thats seen the light of day, nicely caught on a single compact disc.

They got the title of this song from this awesome book by the swedish author and poet Karin Boye! I order you to read it and keep in mind that Boye wrote this book nine years before George Orwell wrote ”1984”.

Track of the day: Black Wizard by Blackland



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Download- Symbolic (1995)

As the name of the band suggest it’s death metal.
This was one of the very first death metal bands to emerge and it was mainly the project of legendary death metal pioneer Chuck Chuldiner who sadly past away from brain cancer in 2001.
Symbolic is part of the bands later period and marks a change in sound from the classic Death sound.. I had mixed feelings about this album for a long time. I prefere the raw and aggresive sound of early Death releases, this album however is a fine display of technicality and control. Chuck was undoubtedly a real guitar fiend!
With the years I’ve become sort of fond of Symbolic  though. Today I hold it as my favourite Death album along with their first release ”Scream Bloody Gore”.


13/Grief 7″ Split

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Download- Split (1993) Grievance

A brutal somewhat known death/sludge/doom metal split with two decent bands! Liz Buckingham who handles the six strings in Electric Wizard were in on this project playing with 13.
It’s simple and down to earth, no fancy stuff. Three relentlessly slow tracks.  I like it!


Entombed- Clandestine

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Download- Clandestine (1991) Earache Records

In case you for some reason have missed out on this.

Entombed’s second album. It’s great, nothing clandestine about it anymore though it’s a key album of the early swedish death metal scene. Might not be as swell as their the debut ”Left Hand Path”, but great none the less. They still had that sharp entombed-guitar tone on it and the solos here are something special, vocals could have been better in my opinion.