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Fyra festliga ansikten!

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Ride with Death

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My home is my castle

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Last year i was living in a space not bigger than 9 square meters, so getting a new room in a student’s corridor that expandes my kingdom to 20 square meteres seems rather a big life improvement in general. Right now I’m pimping my new walls with metal posters and my self made Electric Wizard poster (i love cutting denim jackets to pieces, it’s a hobby of mine), whilst listening to The Wounded King’s third album ”In the chapel of the black hand”. I saw TWK live a couple of months ago, awesome live band!


Track of  the day: Hungry are the damned  by Repugnant




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You can never have to much band merch.

V for Vitus, Saint Vitus.

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Follow me on instagram, ”Skorpinator”, most lame of names..

London calling…

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Made a trip to London with my brother


St. Pauls Cathedral



Brought this stuff back to Sweden.






Track of the day: State of Non-Return by OM


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Tomorrow I’ll be in Gothenburg to see doom metal legends SAINT VITUS(!!!) at Truckstop Alaska. Can’t wait…

I’ve been listening to Saint Vitus for about three years, a rather short time in comparison to a lot of die hard Saint Vitus fans. But still they’ve grown on me to become a band that I find myself listening to really often, a reliable source of joy. I imagine it’s going to feel quite grand to actually see them live.

I believe in miracles
I don’t believe in sin
I believe in wizardry
I don’t believe in trends

Every time I’m on the street 
People laugh and point at me 
They talk about my length of hair 
And the out of date clothes I wear

Black metal tip:  

Woods of Desolation, from their 2011 release ”Torn beyond Reason”