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South African psych/acid/hard rock

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I was looking for strange psych/acid rock bands from countries that usually dont classify as home of the heavy! I found Suck! Apparently South Africa have contributed more than I thought to the pscyh/hard rock scene! Suck was part of the first wave of South African hard rock, that became known as ”The Big Heavies”. They released only one LP in 1971 called ”Time to Suck” , the dandy tune above is featured on that album!

I imagine it couldn’t have been easy performing for these bands back in the 70’s when the unjustifiable and despicable conservative aparthaid regime still had a firm grip on South Africa! (that still, to some extent, lingers on unto this day->documentary). Suck was bannished from and road-blocked from a lot of South African citys.

Another of the Big Heavies bands was Freedom’s Children, that was innovative both musically and politically. A prime example of another ”what if only” story, since their problem was that no one outside South Africa was listening. When they tried to beak fresh ground in the UK the british policy on aparthied prohibited them from getting work permits and forced them to perform most of their shows illegaly. Even though they opposed the apartheid system.
A quote from the band- ”You don’t call yourself Freedom’s Children in South Africa without a good reason”

(From the album ”Galactic Vibes”, released in 1971)

Another Big Heavie that suffered similiar fates as Suck and Freedom’s Children was Otis Waygood Bluesband

What conclusions can we make of this?
– Racist and/or conservative assholes never ever have good taste in music and tends to kill creative souls. Good music is the music of the oppressed as it has always been.

Track of the day: Fire in Me by Anne Sarofeen

Long hot night thinking of you.. I love you Britain!

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Download- Jerusalem (1972)

THIS IS GOOD MUSIC! seriously! if you dont like this I’m going to find you and I’m going to force you into liking it. This band has seriously been overlooked. Jerusalem (not to be confused with the swedish hard rock band) managed to spew forth a single and this masterful fullenght piece of heavy rock before fading into obscurity. Released on Deram records, produced by Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, Jerusalem have toured with both Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. It’s got that primal, raw and real, feeling to it!

It’s all I ever wanted! Enjoy!

For fans of Blue Cheer and Leaf Hound.

Today I’ve been feeling sort of pissed of ever since I woke up therefore the
Track of the day is: Love song by Doom, get crusty.


Not your typical mushroom! A picture of joy.

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Download- Growers of Mushroom

This is mandatory! Every psych fans dream. It’s the sugar in your tea. This album came out in 1971 and it was a taste of heavier things to come! I like it, you will like it! click the link above.
I heard that a copy of the first vinyl press of this album was sold for 5000 dollars recently, so it’s a real collectors item in other words. Unfortunately only rich and nerdy japanese record collectors can afford albums with a price tag like that. But whatever I’m satisfied with my cd.

The mailman brought me gifts today,  a nice Witchcraft patch!



Blue Cheer- New! Improved!

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Download- New! Improved! (1969) Philips

Ah the satisfaction it gave me to get my hands on a first press LP of this smokin’ bastard.

Third album by Blue Cheer, the epitome of acid rock. As so many other great bands they made their debut in the Bay Area of San Francisco. On this fine release the band started to play in a style that was, compared to their previous albums, a bit more controlled and fine tuned! Maybe that has something to do with the album title? .. I know that a lot of people who like Blue Cheer’s early albums tend to dislike this one. I’m a big fan of the early albums as well but I must say that I find New!Improved! delightfully laid back! fuck the naysayers this is really good in a bluesy kind of way.

Blue Cheer

One thing that is certain is that Blue Cheer like so many others never really got the attention they deserved.. thats what you get for being ahead of your time!

Sir Lord Baltimore- Kingdom Come

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DOWNLOAD- Kingdom Come (1970) Mercury Records

The word ”Heavy Metal” was mentioned for the first time in a review of this album, Sir Lord Baltimore is considered to be the godfathers of stoner rock and I think they along with Leaf Hound and Blue Cheer are the most prominent acid rock band of the 70’s.  

This fuzzed up trio even impressed Deep Purple back in the days. Unfortunetly their career started to fade after the release of their second selftitled album. Maybe because this brand of psych hadn’t really earned the same popularity back then as it has today. Anyway Sir Lord Baltimore teamed up again in 2006 and are still active today.

Any fan of stoner/acid rock needs hear this album. 

Can’t help to think about Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild when I see this picture.



Flower Travellin’ Band- Satori

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DOWNLOAD- Satori (1971) Atlantic

A blast from the past! Heavy psych, acid rock!

Satori is the first original album by lovely psychedelic Flower Travellin’ Band, the first album to feature their own material instead of covers. The band was initially formed in the mid 60’s after Yuya Uchida came back  to Japan after visiting John Lennon in England. The band disbanded around 73′ but officially reunited in 2007

I find this album to be really interesting since it bears a lot of resemblance to what was happening around in Europe and America at the same time. This music should really appeal to people who are into Leaf Hound, Sir Lord Baltimore and King Crimson etc. Even so the Flower Travellin’ Band have their own distinct sound. A sound that sometimes sounds really sinister. It’s this type of music that spawned the metal genre.

Those guitar melodies are reaching for the skies…

All bow before the Furawā Toraberin Bando!

DOWNLOAD- Satori– or buy it!