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You can never have to much band merch.


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I love baseball shirts! they always make the best band shirts because.. lets face it, you always look a little bit better than all other folks around in plain black with a print on the front. Still I got a plain print on black tee as well since I’ve been dying for a Pentagram shirt that doesn’t look lame, like the latest one with the ”Last Rites” print on it! Got myself a Brutus patch as well.

Bought this stuff at the Muskelrock festival.

Tradera, plånbokens gissel.

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Managed to bid away all my last money on denim and leather.
Well what to say.. I blame Saxon.

Track of the day: To Her Darkness by In Solitude


Bullshit! Pins, muscles and masculine crisis?

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I’m gonna add a new category to this blog, called bullshit! It’s going to be me wasting your time with some bullshit thats on my mind. Today’s topic being all those male musclerockers that’s got ”Balls to the wall” as the soundtrack to their lives! nothing wrong with that, it’s a great song by a great band.. still I somehow feel that these people seem to be going through a constant masculine crisis! Let me give you an example!

I’m at a Pyramido concert and this musclerocker comes and sits his ass down at the same table as me and my male friend, and he feels urged to state that ”I’m not a fuckin’ fag, just so you know”.. me and my friend staring at him going ” ok.. good for you?”. What is that? I’m not gay, but I dont have to point it out in every daily life encounter! In fact, going about it with that approach would rather make me suspect him of being gay. But facts remain- There’s nothing wrong with being gay!! Thats my opinion and I consider myself a feminist as well,so fuck you musclerocker!

Another example is me telling a musclerocker on the train home from a Pentagram gig that I was surprised how fat the previously Conan-looking Thor has gotten.

Past Thor.

Present Thor.

This guy actually took this as a personal insult, leading us into a discussion of how he’s still a manly man! him stating that under all that fat there’s still enough muscle power to swing a three meter long broadsword and bend steel with his teeth. He then kept going on about how the latest Conan movie sucked, since the Conan caracter wasn’t as manly (muscle pumped) as Arnold…

My point being if youre such a ”manly” man, you dont have to point it out I could tell that already by your amateurish retarded looking Manowar tattoo… Well, most musclerockers are pretty decent anyway so I guess I shouldn’t be judging to hard.


A nice little thing to put on a vest! Somehow ebay made me pay 4 dollars for shipping.. but whatever. Now, in contradiction to everything stated above I’m off to the gym with Autopsy in my headphones!

track off the day: Dont burn the witch with Venom



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After I came back from attending Jex Thoth, Boris and Russian Circles concerts in Stockholm, my friend helped me with fixing my jeansvest. Since I’m mainly into stoner/doom metal at the moment I figured I’d go with the doom theme.

Front. Sunno))), Saint Vitus, Sleep and Reverend Bizarre patches

Back. Sewn on Electric Wizard t-shirt print.