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The Movies. 70’s. La Montaña Sagrada.

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Download- The Holy Mountain (1973)

In search of the Holy Mountain. The Beatles were involved in the creation of this at some degree. The director Alexandro Jodorowsky took a lot of LSD to make this movie happen. During one scene all the actors had munched in on magic mushrooms. With the years this fairly unknown movie has become cult in certain contexts.
The hole movie is supposedly a strange journey towards enlightment. Too extreme.



Werewolves on Wheels! suck on that title!

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Download- Werewolves on Wheels (1971)

Back with another cinematic blast from the past!
Ok so this movie features a gang of bikers doing what renegade bikers do… that is stealing, drinking and beating people up! But then one day out in some forgotten american desert the gang runs into a cult of satanists. When the cult tries to persuade one of the female bikers, Helen, to become a satanic sacrifice the bikers smash up the cultists monastery and leave. The cult have the last laugh though by turning the gangs leader into a flesheating werewolf.. wich is sort of problematic. The gang then atempts to take revenge on the cult.
Kind of an occult b-version of Easy Rider.

“We all know how we’re gonna die baby, we’re gonna crash and burn!

Here’s the full movie on youtube –

70’s movies! Zardoz

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DOWNLOAD- Zardoz (1974)

Another 70’s movie! In this blast from the past Sean Connery is wearing red diapers and matching bullet belts.

Set in a distant future, the earth is inhabited by three different kinds of people. The ”eternals” are a ruling class who have shut themselves of from the outside world in a bubble called ”The Vortex”, they control the earth through a warrior class called ”exterminators” who all wear  diapers and like to shoot big guns. These warriors worship a big flying stone head called Zardoz who tells them to kill off the common people inhabiting the earth.

Sean Connery is an exterminator and one day, seemingly by accident, he ends up in the Vortex.. then everything becomes strange and psychedelic.  This movie is sort of a mind-fuck, but still entertaining in a wierd way.

The Movies. Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger

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DOWNLOAD- Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger (1973)

It’s not only the music that made the 70’s great, the movies were awesome to! oh… The French Connection, Soylent Green and Rosmary’s Baby are some of my favourites. This however is something a bit different.

Kenneth Anger ‘s Lucifer Rising is definitely my favourite artfilm of this era. The movie shows occult rituals and ceremonies taking place in various historically magick spots at different locations around the globe. We get to see the pyramids in Egypt, the Stonehenge and several other places I dont know the name of. Egyptian mythology is blended up with some sort of diabolical aesthetic. All throughout the film there’s a strange ambient soundtrack that really adds to the visual experience. Amongst the cast you will find Jimmy Page, Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger’s brother.

I love everything about this movie. The theme, the costumes and environments depicted is a real psychedelic eye-candy.

Some pics!

DOWNLOAD- Lucifer Rising