I am Anton a.k.a Skorpan. Ruthless tyrant of this blog and plauge of the blogosphere.

I descended upon this earth in the early 90’s , born and raised in the swedish town Örebro, but living and studying in Lund. I spend most of my spare time searching for new bands and exploring new genre’s. I have a broad taste in music but this blog will be dedicated mainly to my favourite genre’s
– Doom/Black/Death Metal, Stoner, Psychedelia, Folk and Prog
Practicly everything i write about i own in some format- CD, Vinyl, Tape. I collect what i can get my hands on.

Hopefully you will find something you like! or maybe you have a tip about some sweet tunes I should know about?
Anyway, enjoy!

Me on Youtube


3 svar to “ABOUT ME!”

  1. Kan du inte blögga om dom sköjiga stammisarna på Coop istället?

  2. Yass yass yass! Fucking fab blogg. Mera mera!


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