Arkiv för september, 2012

Looking forward to…

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Apart from looking forward to see Horisont yet another time on friday! It’s going to be pretty swell to see Nasum on their farewell tour the 6 october! I imagine Massgrav is gonna be quite a treat as well.




Baby Woodrose live at Debaser, Malmö

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Went to see danish psychsters Baby Woodrose yesterday. They put on quite a nice show. Lorenzo the brain behind the whole enterprise spoke of drugs, good drugs, bad drugs and how much he likes beer. 20120923-210013.jpgLorenzo




Passing Through the Mastery Door

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My friends in Mamont are releasig their first album soon, 28 September ! I’ve got one of the first copies! It’s well played psychedelic/stoner rock! Support them! Buy their album! Buy them a beer!

Pre-order at;


Ride with Death

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