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Örebronx thrash!

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A thrash metal gem from my hometown Örebro! released the same year i was born 1990. I have the most awesome neighbour in my student-corridor who loves thrash, he tipped me off on this awesome band!



My home is my castle

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Last year i was living in a space not bigger than 9 square meters, so getting a new room in a student’s corridor that expandes my kingdom to 20 square meteres seems rather a big life improvement in general. Right now I’m pimping my new walls with metal posters and my self made Electric Wizard poster (i love cutting denim jackets to pieces, it’s a hobby of mine), whilst listening to The Wounded King’s third album ”In the chapel of the black hand”. I saw TWK live a couple of months ago, awesome live band!


Track of  the day: Hungry are the damned  by Repugnant



Unicorns and Castles…

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Download– Tangerine Dream (1968)

Kaleidoscope was a british psych-pop/rock band from britain, not to be confused with the american band with the same name.. i love this band when they incorporate psychedelic influences and dreamy chords in their music, but have a hard time when they just turn to sleazy fairy-tale lyrics about unicorns, castles and other boring subjects wich sort of reduces the greatness of the music and makes me think of this album as one long lullaby. Still the music usually gives me means to forget about the cheesy lyrics. It is a great album, otherwise i wouldn’t be posting it here. Tangerine Dream was Kaleidoscope’s debut and it generated a moderate domestic success but got a bit more attention abroad. This album should probably appeal even to the average Beatles fan.

The hit song is called ”The Sky Children”, my favourite though is ”Flight from Ashiya”.

Track of the day: Clouds of Dawn by Dead Moon


Liege and Lief

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Download– Liege and Lief (1969)

Fairport Convention was a british folk rock band, they got their name from the house were they rehersed. Liege and Lief is the groups fourth album and widly considered a mile stone in british folk rock, one might even go as far as to say that it is the starting point at wich folk rock began to get popular. It contains a lot of Fairport Conventions own verisions of old popular folk ballads such as ”Matty Grooves” and ”Reynardine”.

Track of the day: Stone Woman by Dust



Perth County Conspiracy

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Okay so this was a psychedelic folk band from Ontario. I was reading an interview with Richard Keelan who formed this band back in the 70’s and got a bit moved by this passage in the interview.

In 1967 the Detroit riots had burned out part of the area where my wife and I lived.  This was a very scary time, when the 12th Street urban ghetto area went up in flames, and the army and National Guard were called in to ‘restore order’. We lived in a black neighbourhood since as a ‘long-haired hippie’ musician, I was far more comfortable living there than in many ‘white’ areas of the city at that time. From our apartment window we watched the flash of 50mm cannons being fired across the nearby expressway into the riot-torn areas. The pastoral peacefulness of Stratford, in rural Southern Ontario, was very appealing to me.



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You can never have to much band merch.

Advaitic Songs

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Om, formed by Al Cisneros after his former legendary doom metal band ”Sleep” decided to call it a quit. I’ve posted their third album ”Pilgrimage” on the blog before. This however is their latest output called ”Advaitic Songs”. It came out in stores not more than two weeks ago.

Om is a doom metal band, at least on the paper. Though with this release I dont really know what to make of it genrewise anymore, is it drone? Every album that they’ve made so far has been sort of  theme album on a melody that is played in different versions. Advaitic Songs however displays a bit more of variation when it comes to melody. Still this is with all certainty my favourite Om release so far!

The album starts smoothly with the track Addis. If you’re familiar with Om’s earlier releases then you’ve probably felt that the music always takes on a spiritual transcendental sound” (and seen, their albums of late have sported orthodox christian ikons on the front). Addis is a prime example of that ”spiritual sound”, it’s not hard to imagine someone standing at the top of a minaret humming this song.

To quote another listener: a spiritual expedition into the dynamics of heavy music.

The second sludgy track ”State of Non-Return” is the only track that is somewhat reminiscent to the doom metal sound, still I think this album in general catches the ”feeling of doom”. Check it out, maybe you agree or maybe you dont.


Track of the day: Trouble Trouble by Foghat