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Quit my job, told the boss to stand aside, cant slow down I got a date with the devil

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and the neighbours kept me up all night with their garden party… well well I’ll sleep on the bus up to Stockholm.




Why did i buy myself a trucker cap? One of many mysteries I dont have the answer to…

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Download– Demon Entrails Compilation

Paradox nr. 1 
Looking back it’s kind of a good thing Tom G. Warrior had a suicidal psycho mother who’s cats pissed on his clothes, making him the victim of serious bullying- Because, if it wasn’t for that sad story we probably would never have had Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Triptykon and all his other less famed projects.

Paradox nr. 2 
Facing facts, I know I  cant sport headswear of any type! I just dont look good in headwear. Apart from that I’m not a big fan of caps.. and trucker caps are especially hard to look good in, even if you actually fit in headwear, wich i dont. Therefore i must ask myself.. WHY then do I spend what little money I have on a trucker cap?
My theory is that my love for Hellhammer compensates for my disliking of caps.


Track of the day: In the land of Pink and Grey by Caravan



A Fraction under my wheels

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Another band from Göteborgs (Gothenburgs) burgeoning rock scene!
One of the more intense bands I saw at Muskelrock this year, a really great live band. The front caracter and driving force is clearly vocalist Ann-Sophie Hoyles who i suspect is married to John Hoyles? former Witchcraft guitarist, the band was founded by him and Graveyard drummer Axel Sjöberg.

This 7″ called ”Fraction” was their debut, containing two dandy shooters:”Fraction” and a speedy cover of the Alice Cooper song ”Under my Wheels”. Released on De Nihil records.

Track of the day: The War Starter by Saint Vitus



Bloodlust, druglust, Count Drugula arise…

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Maybe it’s time for me to drag my sorry ass up to Stockholm the 27th of october to finally get to see the wizard live! They will be doing their only scandy-gig this autumn for Püssy a Go Go at Nalen.

Electric Wizard is a long time favourite of mine.. and I’ve mist to many chanses to see them live. It’s about god damn time I get to see them.

(Tas, the guy in the photo isn’t in the band anymore, but he’s looking rather marvelous ey?)

Track of the day: Hellstorm by Axegrinder 



John Garcia has left the building.

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Had a good time yesterday, saw Asteroid live at Klubb Kaktus in Örebronx, they gave a good performance but the sound was horrible. I’ve seen them before though so it didn’t really matter that much.

In picture: Emma, Adam, Jakob ..and Hannes and me (crusty hipsters).

I’m seriously tired of hearing I look like a hipster, I hate the hole hipster thing from the very depth of my heart.
I’m blind as a bat, I got glasses, there’s not much more to it.


Here’s a bunch of stoner albums i bought recently (Orange Goblin, Spiritual Beggars). I’ve come to a conclusion when it comes to stoner rock/metal! I’m nurturing a love-hate relation to this genre. I like a lot of the riffing in stoner rock etc. But I can’t stand most of the vocalists!! The reason why is they all try to sound like John Garcia or Phil Anselmo.. sure I can enjoy Kyuss, Pantera, Goatsnake and a hand full of other bands.. Because those bands were rednecks. If you’re not a southern orange county redneck then you shouldn’t try so hard to sound like it! Because it sounds retarded when you do it!! Generic and stupid.

Track of the day:
The Meditant, dialouge with the stars byBlut aus Nord



YES we can!

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Download– Relayer (1975)

Kick-starting my saturday evening with lemon beer and Relayer, 7th album by Yes. A band thats just gotten stranger and stranger over the years. In the midst of all the madness going on here there’s a couple of brilliant moments, a couple of soft moments and a couple of complex ones.

This album is disharmony at it’s best. Prog.

Track of the day: Bloodstone by Judas Priest



I’m elected electric spy, I’m protected electric eye

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-This pic pretty much sums up my day.

-And this one pretty much sums up tomorrow’s day

I never really did understand the hype around Teitanblood.  But they’re quite nice when you’re in the mood for mayhem.

Track of the day: Power from hell by Onslaught