Arkiv för maj, 2012

The port is fair indeed!

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This is beauty! This is love in music!

One evening as I rambled
Among the leaves so green
I overheard a young woman
Converse with Reynardine

Her hair was black, her eyes were blue
Her lips as red as wine
And he smiled to gaze upon her
Did that sly old Reynardine

She said, ”Kind sir, be civil
My company forsake
For in my own opinion
I fear you are some rake”

”Oh no,” he said, ”no rake am I
Brought up in Venus’ train
But I’m seeking for concealment
All along the lonesome plain”

”Your beauty so enticed me
I could not pass it by
So it’s with my gun I’ll guard you
All on the mountains high”

”And if by chance you should look for me
Perhaps you’ll not me find
For I’ll be in my castle
Inquire for Reynardine”

Sun and dark, she followed him
His teeth did brightly shine
And he led her up a-the mountains
Did that sly old Reynardine 

Thräshing in the Förbidden Wörld

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I’ve been getting into Antichrist’s fullenght debut ”Forbidden World” this past week since their going to kick out the jams at Muskelrock. They turned out to be sort of a pleasent surprise, retro-thrash with a modern twist. I now they’ve been getting some hype lately but I haven’t really cared since I’ve not been interested in thrash for quite some time… but it feels like this album turned my mind around on that point.

Conclusion: Overall ferociously fine, vocals are over the top awesome, spot on! Feels like a live band, I know I will enjoy this live.

Track of the day: Samaritan Burden by Witchcraft


Tradera, plånbokens gissel.

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Managed to bid away all my last money on denim and leather.
Well what to say.. I blame Saxon.

Track of the day: To Her Darkness by In Solitude


Madness all around us.

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Nasum, Vomitory and Bombus… and Takida… on the same poster…such madness only resides within the murky depths of my hometown. Örebronx.


97 decibel is all you’re getting !

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The mailman brings me all types of candy. The countdown to Muskelrock på Tyrolen has begun. I’m listening to Bolt Thrower, my neighbours probably hate me, but who cares.. as it looks right know I’m going to be homeless in a month or so anyway.

Sweet life.

Something less sweet is the fact that a retarded law regarding the sound volume of concerts and clubs in Sweden is about to be set in action. As it is right now the decibel level is not allowed to exceed 100 decibel (extremly low).. and now it’s probably going to be lowered even further, to 97 decibel. Bandbookers in my banana shaped country have actually started worrying about bands refusing to be booked since the law wont allow them to perform at a reasonable volume.

My thoughts about this in swedish:

”Forskning visar att människor får mer ont i öronen av höga ljud än man tidigare trott.. Socialstyrelsen skrider till handling och skärper decibellagarna, i hopp om att dunka in sista spiken i kistan för all musik som inte innefattar tystlåtna uppmärksamhetssökande gitarrkillar… men det gör ju inget för det är väll ändå den enda kulturyttring som är värd att ta till sig? eller har jag missat något?”
Kalla mig rättshaverist men vad fan…

Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

Poison Idea’s got to have the best band appearance of all time.
The odd lot.

Soundtrack: Plastic Bomb by Poison Idea