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Come to the Sabbat folks

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Download Sacrifice (1970)

A nice slab of occult rock from 70′, they remind me of Coven, the drunken brittish version of Coven… They had the same goofy satanic approach with sacrifices and other fairly dark stuff taking place on the stage,  that of course stirred some noise back in the days. They started out as ”Pesky Gee”, wich I think means ”annoying old pervert”.. a bit softer and more psychedelic than Black widow, but since 1970 was a year of the goat the lads felt it appropriate to change their name, release ”Sacrifice” and fool around a bit with black magic. Their most popular track ”Come to the Sabbat”, featured on this release, has been covered by bands like Death SS and Church of Misery.


Track of the day: War is our Destiny by Saint Vitus 


OM live

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Saw OM perform live! It was intense, really intense, my eardrums are still ringing two days after the show! The hole experience had sort of an almost religious feeling to it, and they sounded so much heavier in real life! I liked the fact that they had a guy with a syntheziser and a tambourine who performed some drones with a middle eastern touch! That element’s not something they’ve featured on their album recordings. Apart from a couple of bong-hoffing breaks during which
Al Cisneros dissapeared behind the amplifiers, the songs seemed to melt together.

Hung out witch a bunch of nice people.

I didn’t get a single good photo of the show.. so this might not be such a worthwhile post, still I’d like to think it’s not completly pointless since you get a snap of the nice OM shirt i bought myself.

Know I’m of to a show with the locals Asteroid

Track of the day: Sacrifice by Black Widow


Spires over the burial Womb

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Woho, finally got some spare time for the first time in like a month.. studying really is a fulltime occupation! Well I’m back in my hometown for a couple of days so i figured I’d post some albums!
Here’s some really dark ambient stuff.. in the veins of Dead can Dance, Sunno))), Lurker of Chalice etc. I think this band used to be called ”Emit” but then switched name to Hammemit for this realse. Emit was a black metal/ambient project that featured a member from Ofermod. This realese however has more of a strictly ambient sound with some medieval melodies and gregorian chanting.


Know I’m of to the capitol to see OM!


Earth, live at Loppen

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Tomorrow I’ll be worshiping to the drones of Dylan Carlson at Loppen, Copenhagen!