Arkiv för mars, 2012

Horisont! The second assault

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Horisont strikes again! Video for their second release! I just bought myself a ticket to Muskelrock på Tyrolen so I’l be stomping my feet to those sweet tunes in two months or so!


In the fire, the King will come.

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Download– Argus (1969)

Yet another album that was mandatory back in it’s day! You might say that it’s a timeless classic.. but since most people in my age cant separate a Beatles song from a Deep Purple song, that might be streching it a little to far these days. Anyhow, it’s the third album by Wishbone Ash, their most famous and appreciated effort according to fans and critics. Personaly I’m more a fan of their first album. This album however is a good example of the type of early twin-led guitar harmonization that heavier bands would pick up on and progress. It also contains the dangerously catchy songs ”Warrior” and ”The King will come”.

It’s both smothe and hard.

Track of the day: The Nightchild by Electric Wizard


Keep this in mind! Vitus’ soul is watching you! Through the veils of time!

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Download- Saint Vitus (1984)

Saint Vitus started out as early as the late 1970s, along with Pentagram and Trouble.. and they’re still one of the best doom metal outfits around.

Let me start by saying..  Scott Reagers on vocals is so, so, sooo much better than Wino! He’s vocals is what makes this album! When I first started listening to Saint Vitus I had kind of a hard time getting into it, I liked ”Born too late” from the start but I didnt really find Wino’s vocals that fascinating. THEN! I picked up this master-of doom-piece and understood what it was all about. Saint Vitus aint no bullshit hype, this is the real thing, this old school american doom metal. This is their first self-titled album and it’s one of the best doom metal albums I’ve heard.

If you’re into this stuff than this should tingle your balls!

Track of the day: Think by Void


In the mist of a burning pentagram…The Goat-Owl appears!

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It’s important to stay vigilant during class. My friend made a couple of notes during his course in ”Music Law”, he thought I’d might be interested in them.

… and the world trembled as the Goat-Owl appeared. The moon turned red and the skies descended upon us…


Earth, OM and many many more.

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Well I know were I’m going to be the 5th and 6th of April! Damn there’s so much stuff I’m looking forward to. Apart from Earth and OM playing in Stockholm 5/4-6/4. There’s Moonless release party at Loppen the 15/3 and 3/4 Church of Misery will be doing the drones there to. Two days later Agalloch are performing there as well.. 21/4 Angel Witch at Truckstop Alaska! 6/5 Sleep!!!! that means missing the last day of ”Heavy days in doomtown”, and then at the end of May there’s Muskelrocken.