Thanks to government divine! We Work.

Download- Rush hour of the Gods (1996)


but first a little something thats on my mind-

So the current swedish government (right-wing) are trying to fool people into believing that the retirement age in my country has to be raised from the age of 65… to 75!! They argue that if this is not accepted people will live on pensions so small that we will not be able to afford even bread crumbs, theoreticly due to the fact that the age of the average swedish person is increasing and people need to work longer to get a decent pension.

This however is a LIE. I’m studying economics at the moment and have done so for a month and it doesnt take more than that to figure out how big a fucking lie it is.

Once in a year, every working swedish citizen gets an orange envelop that tells you the rate of your pension, this usually causes panic because the pensions seem to be very low. However what is not mentioned is that this is the pension you would get if inflation was peaking, if people were running out jobs, basically if the whole country was going down the shitter, this however is not the case at the moment. The OCED, the World Bank and other (fishy) institutions rate Sweden as one of very few countries that doesnt need to raise the age of retirement.

Who is to profit from this? Not me, thats for sure. And it pisses me off to the point of wanting to bash my skull into the wall.

What does this have to do with british crust punk band Doom’s album ”Rush hour of the Gods” you might ask yourself! The answer is EVERYTHING.

Track of the day: Where there’s Woman by Captain Beefheart 


Ett svar to “Thanks to government divine! We Work.”

  1. Jag är asförbannad med! Det är så dumt så man tror det var på skämt. Jösses, vi borde gå ihop hela folket och sparka ut hela högern. ^^
    Nice, tack för tipset om Doom! Skönt med lite crust rätt in i skallen.


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