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Psychedelic Rangers of San Diego

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Download- The Weirding (2009)

Long 70’s psychedelic jams, thats the trademark of the californian outfit Astra. Think wailing guitars and dulcet harmonies thickened by Mellotrons and given hypnotic qualities by the kind of drumming that borders on the shamanic. I didn’t know much about these guys until very recently, I’d read about them but when I realized that they were signed to  Rise Above Records for The Weirding I figured that it probably deserved some checking out! And since their second album is to be released soon, know might be a good time to get a picture of what they’re all about! Click the link above and get spaced out!

The images from the video has been taken from movies by the director Ralph Bakshi, you should check out his movie ”Wizards”, it’s pretty far out!

Track of the day: Gorgon by Angel Witch


From the Death to the Metal

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Download- Seven Churches (1985)

I welcome the Seven Churches into the collection, the album that put a name to its genre! Shame on me for not getting this piece of scabious death metal sooner. It’s my type of death metal, it’s thrash, only much more frantic and relentless. Since the boys in Possessed had not finished highschool when it was time to record the album back in 1985, they did so during Easter break…


No vinyl for me…

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Some of the latest editions to the collection. It’s struck me lately that I really cant afford vinyl anymore, Instead I’m prowling amazon for 3-8 dollar cd’s! On the positive side that probably means that I’m not a rich disgusting hipster

Track of the day: Pyramid of the Moon by Shrinebuilder


Significant lyric writing through the ages pt. 2 – Abominator

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Ok, so here’s another set of strange and deranged lyrics from the vault of the Coven. This time it’s the australian war metal band Abominator that has snatched my attention.. or to be more precise the track ”Necrosexual Thrust” from the 2003 album ”Nuctemeron Descent”. Reading the lyrics I try to picture them in my head, the result is nothing! absolutely NOTHING!! This is lyrics written by guys like Max Krieg and Chris Volcano, some previous members of the band are ”Gary Gestapo” and ”Deathsaw Dave”.. wich could give a reasonable explanation to why these lyrics suck balls.

<br />Abominator

Unfortunatley i couldn’t find this song on youtube and since I’m to lazy to find it elsewhere.. I’l leave it up to you to do so.

Here we go-

Predatory throne in black destiny
Diabolos rages in violent splendour
Sent to commence an age unbound
Driven like nails with the force of a hammer <— As is usually the case…
Initiation of the hatred ceremony
To invoke long suffering slaughter
Savage lust
Necrosexual thrust
Shattered trust
Necrosexual thrust
Formation of concentrations acrid
Penetration crucifix <— Is this a special type of crucifix?
Satanic necrophilia
Incense smoke and putrid odour
Intoxicate and engorge
Bastardising religious order
Ravaged in an infernal forge
Ritual knife flays the body
Gratifying shedding of skin
Screaming conjurations
Perverse and rigid phallus
Rip the face off within the crypt
Forever paused in sardonic grin
To preserve a lugubrious death mask
And the pleasures that lie within
Unseeing eyes humiliated in rigor mortis
Misery seed
Penetrating the chaste
Fornication inside the mausoleum
Drink the rancid nectar
The flesh
Succulent after life
Suckling fluid from a trocar
Orgasmic in funeral surroundings <— Yes, we all know the feeling…
Imbibing the cold aura of death
Ravenous attraction to the blood purged
Lubricated orifices at my behest
Subconsciousness – the energy of death
Necromantic currents of transition
Disinterring corpses for disgraceful reburial
Ignoring the winds of lust leads to perdition

Significant lyric writing through the ages pt. 1 – Tormentor

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I present to you, some of the strange and deranged lyrics thats been hidden by time and dust.
First out- hungarian Tormentor, most known for housing Attila Cshiar before he went on to perform vocals for Mayhem. This song is called ”Damned Grave” and it’s featured on the awesome 1988 demo ”Anno Domini”. This song was chosen because of all the lovely ”hungarian-style” grammar fuck ups, wich apart from giving the whole thing carisma, also makes it hilariously funny in a retarded way.

here we go…

The tyrant of Transylvania was terribly murdered
He was killed by his daughter with a holy dagger
There weren’t burial, no priest, no holy water
The lifeless body was buried in the dark forest

His eternal dream was exhausted
He was by himself with the beasts

It was unworthy for the great emperor
His resting place was the damned horrible
Grave in the unholy black field
The forest was loud by the holwing wolves

But after six days later
The full moon has arrived

Suddenly he felt a strange thing
Something has changed around him
The wolves gathered over his grave
They scraped out the grave where he was buried

Suddenly his finger moved
His breathing became moving
His eyes opened up and seen
Tame wolves were standing around him

At once he appeared in all the rooms of his castle
He waked up his daughter who died in deadly fear<-(my favourite part)       
Ever since every year, in every November
He waked up from his grave and haunt in Transylvania

Agalloch is the cure!

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The hangover is too extreme ( Morbid Angel..’s a virtue to know when to quite) but the cure is always Agalloch.

By the way, the drummer in Agalloch, Aesop Dekker, runs my favourite blog- the Cosmic Hearse, check it out.



The graves of the early 90’s comes back to haunt us.

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Download- Miasmal (2011)

Okay.. so what I usually find other people saying on the blogosphere about this new wave of old school death metal thats appeared lately, sperheaded by bands like Bastard Priest, Tormented, Tribulation, Death Breath and Miasmal is…

– ”ooh I was around in the late 80’s when death metal was miscarried into this world, I’ve heard it all before and I really dont give a rats ass about all these new wannabes bla bla bla bla… BUT this is just to good to ignore even though it’s not original”

I was born a couple of months after the Berlin wall fell. In other words I was crawling around on the floor playing with lego at the time of death metal’s birth, I was born to suffer the hideous part of the 90’s. I caught up on the death metal that started out in the late 80’s a decade later.. still.. I have to agree it might not be that original but it’s just to good to turn a blind eye to it.

The album is selftitled, thus named ”Miasmal”, but it also contains the bands first demo also named ”Miasmal” and their ep, and would you know! it’s also named ”Miasmal”…  In other words you get every Miasmal song thats seen the light of day, nicely caught on a single compact disc.

They got the title of this song from this awesome book by the swedish author and poet Karin Boye! I order you to read it and keep in mind that Boye wrote this book nine years before George Orwell wrote ”1984”.

Track of the day: Black Wizard by Blackland