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Engangsgrillen! split

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Download- Engangsgrill (2009)

Split ep with Fenriz of Darkthrone and Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest.

Fenriz ❤ , awesome

Nattefrost </3 , bad to the point of unbearable

”Into the everlasting fire”


My Brother the Wind, Floating in the Stream of Infinity.

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Download- I wash my Soul in the Stream of Infinity (2011)

This is an album wich balances the thin line between kraut-rock and psychedelic rock. Very smoothe and ethereal sounding, it’s been my object of obsession this christmas. It’s My Brother the Wind’s second album and from what I gather both this and their first album are totally improvised! The band features members from other fellow swedish bands- Magnolia, Makajodama and Anekdoten. The hole koncept behind the band is apparently to create music straight from the heart and record without no previous rehersals. So far I’d say they’ve succeded, this sounds way more interesting than a lot of other similiar stuff I’ve heard lately.

Obviously a lot of talent behind this!


Inside the sleeve.


”Red eyes eats through, the vast nocturnal landscape”

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There was a time when I thought that a demo featuring a mountainside and a forest landscape was the essence of black metal… Still it’s fascinating isn’t it? The hole concept of hiking on a forest mountainside never gets old. Is it due to a lack of imagination or just the fact that it looks sort of nice?

Merry christmas.

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Not your typical mushroom! A picture of joy.

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Download- Growers of Mushroom

This is mandatory! Every psych fans dream. It’s the sugar in your tea. This album came out in 1971 and it was a taste of heavier things to come! I like it, you will like it! click the link above.
I heard that a copy of the first vinyl press of this album was sold for 5000 dollars recently, so it’s a real collectors item in other words. Unfortunately only rich and nerdy japanese record collectors can afford albums with a price tag like that. But whatever I’m satisfied with my cd.

The mailman brought me gifts today,  a nice Witchcraft patch!



Something for the Crustlings! Åtgärdslandet!

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Download- Åtgärdslandet (2011)

Allt är skit!

Here’s a delicioulsy hateful DIY release conjured up by some of my fellow friends from my hometown! In these depressing times when actual freedom is replaced by the right to consume useless products on a ” free market” that is upheld by politicians as more important than actual people, music such as this seem like a fresh and sane response to the development taking place in the world today.
Since my friends are a generous bunch they’ll let you have this album for free! Click the link above and pass it on to a friend! Pennybridge crust!

crusty doomlord member of Åtgärdslandet

Ayn Rand was a bitch! desecrate her remains!

track of the day: Pilgrimage by OM


Heavy days in doomtown! Denmark is a slow death in d-minor

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Heavy Days In Doomtown – a DIY celebration of all things slow and heavy”

– For all of us poor sods who were to impoverished/late/lazy to get a ticket to Roadburn 2012!

We, the sorry lot now get a second chance to experience something heavy and slow since the new doom/psych festival Heavy days in doomtown will take place in Copenhagen 3rd-6th of may! They may not have signed Sleep, nor Saint Vitus. But still there’s a lot of interesting and thrilling stuff in the line-up:

PAGAN ALTAR (uk)   !
GRIFTEGÅRD (swe)    !
DEVIL (no)
PROCESSION (swe/chile)
KONGH (swe)    !
PYRAMIDO (swe)   !
SUMA (swe)
BRUTUS (no)    !

I’ve been wanting to see the Wounded Kings for quite some time know!  and Pagan Altar ! need I say more?

track of the day: Not unlike the Waves with Agalloch