Volahn- Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico

Download-Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico (2008)

This band is part of the Black Twilight Circle, the american/mexican black metal collective thats been getting a lot of attention by black metal folks these last years. If you’re somewhat familiar with black metal I shouldn’t have to mention the BTC’s obvious resemblance to Les Legions Noire, the french black metal collective active during the early 90’s.
Just compare Volahn’s logo with Brenoritvrezorke’s (most hilarious band name in black metal history) logo.  Well anyway.. just like LLN’s material varies from exceptionally good to fucked up and horrible, so does the BTC’s! This release by Volahn it exceptionally good and worthwhile, it’s most certainly one of the best pieces in the BTC repertoire!



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