Peste Noire- Folkfuck Folie

Download- Folkfuck Folie (2007) De Profundis Édition

Ok folkfucks here’s Peste Noire…

These french bastards started getting a lot of attention after their first album came out. Keen and fresh to black metal as I was a couple of years ago I picked up their debut the day it came out. I was awesome-struck by the enchanting mix of folk, punk, black metal and whatever… making an album about the black plague seemed to me a cool and cvlty thing to do. So when i found this piece in Japan about a year ago i figured, why not get it! It’s the peste’s follow up album and this time the theme was aids instead of plague. At first it seemed the musical anti-climax of the month. I remember trying to explain to the japanese behind the recordstore’s counter that I thought these wine-sniffling hooligans had lost their touch. Today I might admit that I was wrong, this album is in fact a minor masterpiece. It’s dirty and raw yet a lot of unique melodies, that I percieve as Peste Noire’s specialty, seem to burst forth from the untamed musical backdrop.



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