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Volahn- Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico

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Download-Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico (2008)

This band is part of the Black Twilight Circle, the american/mexican black metal collective thats been getting a lot of attention by black metal folks these last years. If you’re somewhat familiar with black metal I shouldn’t have to mention the BTC’s obvious resemblance to Les Legions Noire, the french black metal collective active during the early 90’s.
Just compare Volahn’s logo with Brenoritvrezorke’s (most hilarious band name in black metal history) logo.  Well anyway.. just like LLN’s material varies from exceptionally good to fucked up and horrible, so does the BTC’s! This release by Volahn it exceptionally good and worthwhile, it’s most certainly one of the best pieces in the BTC repertoire!


Horisont- Två Sidor av Horisonten

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Download- Två Sidor av Horisonten (2009)

Oh yeah! This is funky fun!
This album is another streak of that proggy 70’s ”rock your pants of” music that I’m so fond of. This stuff right here makes me feel alive.
I like the fact that the first five songs are sung in english and the last five in swedish, a good combo. I saw them live about a week ago and it was pretty intense they got the crowd going! I’d sort of forgotten about them lately but the last couple of days I’ve been taking the album out for a spin in the recordplayer.

check it out! reminds me of Witchcraft, Abramis Brama..


Quicksilver Messenger Service- Just for Love

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Download- Just for Love (1970) Capitol Records

Love and flowers pouring into my ears in the form of sweet psychedelic tunes bursting forth from ”Just for Love”, QMS fourth album! Released in August 1970, it marks the culmination of a transition from the extended, blues and jazz inspired improvisations of the bands previous albums to a more traditional rock sound. Founding member Dino Valenti, who returned to the band after a stint in prison on drug charges, was largely responsible for the new harder sound. The album features one of the most famous songs by QMS, the track ”Fresh Air”.  ”Cobra” and ”Just for Love” are some other tracks I’d recommend on this spectacular piece of San Fransisco psych!





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Download- Symbolic (1995)

As the name of the band suggest it’s death metal.
This was one of the very first death metal bands to emerge and it was mainly the project of legendary death metal pioneer Chuck Chuldiner who sadly past away from brain cancer in 2001.
Symbolic is part of the bands later period and marks a change in sound from the classic Death sound.. I had mixed feelings about this album for a long time. I prefere the raw and aggresive sound of early Death releases, this album however is a fine display of technicality and control. Chuck was undoubtedly a real guitar fiend!
With the years I’ve become sort of fond of Symbolic  though. Today I hold it as my favourite Death album along with their first release ”Scream Bloody Gore”.


The Guess Who- American Woman

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Download- American Woman (1970) RCA

This album should be in everyone’s collection, even if that collection is mp3s on a hard drive. American Woman is a real classic blast from the past. I mean, who haven’t heard the title track once or twice in their life? ” American woman, stay away from meeehee”
If you didn’t know, the song came to being during a live jam session.
The reason for me posting this album though is that I dont think the rest of the album should be overshadowed by the ”hit-track”. If you should decide to delve into the rest of the album you would find eight hunky tracks of blues inspired rawk.

Feel the heavy weight of Humpty’s blues.


13/Grief 7″ Split

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Download- Split (1993) Grievance

A brutal somewhat known death/sludge/doom metal split with two decent bands! Liz Buckingham who handles the six strings in Electric Wizard were in on this project playing with 13.
It’s simple and down to earth, no fancy stuff. Three relentlessly slow tracks.  I like it!


Peste Noire- Folkfuck Folie

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Download- Folkfuck Folie (2007) De Profundis Édition

Ok folkfucks here’s Peste Noire…

These french bastards started getting a lot of attention after their first album came out. Keen and fresh to black metal as I was a couple of years ago I picked up their debut the day it came out. I was awesome-struck by the enchanting mix of folk, punk, black metal and whatever… making an album about the black plague seemed to me a cool and cvlty thing to do. So when i found this piece in Japan about a year ago i figured, why not get it! It’s the peste’s follow up album and this time the theme was aids instead of plague. At first it seemed the musical anti-climax of the month. I remember trying to explain to the japanese behind the recordstore’s counter that I thought these wine-sniffling hooligans had lost their touch. Today I might admit that I was wrong, this album is in fact a minor masterpiece. It’s dirty and raw yet a lot of unique melodies, that I percieve as Peste Noire’s specialty, seem to burst forth from the untamed musical backdrop.