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Siena Root- Different Realities

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Download- Different Realities (2009) Headspin Records

Aaah because sometimes everything about an album is just
Magically superb in every way possible!
Maybe you’re doing something important right know, in wich case you need to stop concerning your mind with it because compared to floating off into the rythms of swedish Siena Root’s Different Realities it means nothing.

The album consists of two separet parts, the first one named simply ”We”. It features four tracks of classic 70’s psychedelic rock with howling vocals and spaced out organs. The second part is called ”The Road to Agartha” and this is were the genuine skill of the band is truly expressed! It’s an instrumental six track piece of psychedelic folk music with lots of sitar, powerfull drum works and so on..

Different Realities arrived in my mail box two days ago and it immedeatly took place amongst my favourite albums at the moment. I must have listened to it at least ten times already and it’s getting better with every spin in the recordplayer.

51 minutes of pure analogue bliss!

Last track on ”The Road to Agartha” part.
Agartha is supposedly a secret paradise in the centre of the earth.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Tarkus

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Download- Tarkus (1971) Island, Manticore

Here you go, a fair dose of old smelly prog! Twisting and turning music for a mind in disarray!
The name of the band refer to the last name of the band members of this supergroup. Greg Lake played in King Crimson before joining ELP and Carl Palmer in Atomic Rooster, names that shouldn’t be unfamiliar to the well versed listener!
Lake stated in an early interview that he viewed Tarkus as a representation of the military-industrial complex, and that his lyrics were about that and the futility of war and strife.. sounds reasonable!

Inside the sleeve of the album.


Spirogyra- St. Radigunds

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Download- St. Radigunds (1971) B & C Records

Spirogyra was at the forefront of the folk boom that aroused around the brittish Canterbury region in the 60-70’s. Mixing psychedelic influences with folk music, the band sounds like a hybride of Beatles and The Incredible String Band. In my opinion St Radigunds is lyrical storytelling at it’s best with that tone of old english romanticism, tempered by an undercurrent of left-wing politics!
This is the the kind of music that opens up a door to a parallel world that exists solely in the mind of the listener.

Life is good!


The Incredible String Band- The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter

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Download- The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (1968) Elektra

Scottish folk psych.

Just how many instruments can you fit in on one album? The incredible two string-masters Robin and Clive that made up the basis of this band obviously had an arsenal of strings at their disposal.. but most importantly they had a sitar! EVERYTHING that spells sitar is AWESOME! thats a fact people have known since way back!
and believe it or not, this album used to be popular.  A prime example of hippie countreculture, ideas  of communal living, eastern mysticism. It has sold 800 000 copies in the UK alone.

People in general used to have good taste. Not anymore though.

For all that is moving is moved by her hands
She is mirrored for ever in the life of the lands
In the building of thoughts in the shifting sands

She beareth thought she beareth visions
Speaking truth in contradictions
Dreams of pain dreams of laughter
And every action follows after


Gay Witch Abortion- Maverick

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Download- Maverick (2009) Learning Curve Records

A nice piece of stoner rock from the duo GWA from Minneapolis who knows how to work a groove! A lot of focus on guitars and drums. Vocals doesn’t really matter and lyrics are just some bullshit written down on a paper to excuse the fact that you like to drool over the mic. Apparently the band have played live shows for quite some time and had become sort of popular in the Minneapolis underground without releasing any album, so the expectations for their debut album Maverick were high. I’d say they nailed it!


R.I.P Dismember 1988-2011

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Download- Pieces (1992) Nuclear Blast

After a 23 year long Hate Campaign that for many probably have seemed Like an Everflowing Stream of swedish Death Metal of unmatched quality, Dismember yesterday announced that they are retiring! Their hordes of fans from all over the world will probably see this as Indicent and Obscene but I say we send an empty prayer to The God that Never Was and hope that the band will forever rest Where Ironcrosses Grow, the legacy of their Massive Killing Capacity will never fade from memory.

So to make me feel less sad I’m know posting my Dismember favourite, their classic ep Pieces! Enjoy.

Werewolves on Wheels! suck on that title!

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Download- Werewolves on Wheels (1971)

Back with another cinematic blast from the past!
Ok so this movie features a gang of bikers doing what renegade bikers do… that is stealing, drinking and beating people up! But then one day out in some forgotten american desert the gang runs into a cult of satanists. When the cult tries to persuade one of the female bikers, Helen, to become a satanic sacrifice the bikers smash up the cultists monastery and leave. The cult have the last laugh though by turning the gangs leader into a flesheating werewolf.. wich is sort of problematic. The gang then atempts to take revenge on the cult.
Kind of an occult b-version of Easy Rider.

“We all know how we’re gonna die baby, we’re gonna crash and burn!

Here’s the full movie on youtube –