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Goatsnake- 1+Dogdays

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Download- 1+Dogdays (2004) Southern Lord

Here’s a nice stoner metal compilation featuring Goatsnake’s first album and the Dogdays ep. Usually I’m not a big fan of comps but i figured I’m far to lazy to get the ep so why not kill two birds with one stone.

Well there’s a goat on the album, that’s always a good sign. Played loud enough this album is a real stoner(boner) dream. The full-lenght album is without any doubt the brightest side of the comp. but Dog Days does feature a really cool cover of Black Sabbath’s ”Who are you”.

Get stoned


Grim Funeral- A Grim funeral to the soul of this World

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Download- A Grim funeral to the soul of this World (2008) THR

Grimly spanish. Grimly cold. Grimly occult. Grimly trve. Grimly cvlt. Grimly dark. Grimly horrible. Grimly haunted. Grimly satan. Grimly hallowed. Grimly deadly. Grimly medieval. Grimly evil. Grimly morbid. Grimly inverted cross. Grimly forest. Grimly misty. Grimly foggy. Grimly FUNERAL BLACK METAL!

Grim Funeral - Photo
Grimly nocturnal cave?


Colosseum- Valentyne Suite

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Download- Valentyne Suite (1969) Vertigo

You know Vertigo! (the label who signed Black Sabbath, Gentle Giant and so on..) this piece was the very first thing released by Vertigo! Unfortunately I only got hold of the vinyl reissue.. but my dandy mind is swingin’ anyway.

Take a peak into the Colosseum and you will find one of those juicy prog bands from the 60’s that manage to somehow feed your desire for  jazzy groove and at the same time stuff you full with psychedelic hammond organs! My favourite is probably the b-side of the album wich features three roaring organ driven tracks that are destined to blow your mind all over the cosmos! But then again.. the a-side does feature the dangerously catchy track ”The Kettle”..

Anyhow people if you dont like this then you’re obviously musically numb and dumb, or maybe I am who knows.. Here’s The Kettle-


Drudkh- Autumn Aurora

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Download- Autumn Aurora (2004) Supernal Music

Disclaimer: Whatever crappy beliefs the members of Drudkh might have expressed in bands previous to this one, I don’t share them, I dont support them and they reflect my worldview no more than Manowar and sci-fi movies does.

Anyway today I felt the first chilly autumn wind and as is tradition that is the time when this album falls of my record shelf! What better way to celebrate the passing of summer and coming of autumn, than listening to this most fitting salute to the season when the leaves turn and your nose starts dripping!

If you dont find ukrainian Drudkh’s droning black metal pleasing at first, it’s because it’s much better than you are and it’s likely to take you a while to really get into feeling of the music. But after some time the soothing guitars will lick you eardrums in the same way a refreshing autumn wind strikes your face, the drums will resonate to the sound of the falling leaves and the synths.. (insert preferable nature reference)..
My point being, this album is really good and I think people who usually aren’t into this type of music could appreciate it.


Bolt Thrower- The 4th Crusade

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Download- The 4th Crusade (1992) Earache Records

Bolt Thrower shouldn’t be unfamiliar to any death metal fan, they arose from the battlefield at the same time as Napalm Death and Carcass with wich they shared the same label. Whatever damp brittish shire they might refere to as home escapes me at the moment but I guess it’s close to Birmingham since they used to terrorize the pubs their along with the guys from Napalm Death.

Well anyway as the title might suggest this is the fourth album by these british warlords, and a fine ol’ piece of bludgening metal it is! On this release Bolt Thrower downtuned the guitars even more and started playing even a little slower than before wich in my oppinion only adds to the bombastic feeling of the music. I have read some sharp critique aimed at the Bolt Thrower saying they lack technical skill and therefore shouldn’t be viewed so highly upon.. I do not agree! Playing with intensity and fierce brutality is always better than rapping up your music in technical bullshittery.


Lifelover- Erotik / R.I.P Jonas Bergqvist 1986-2011

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Download- Erotik (2007) THR

This post is dedicated to Jonas Bergqvist, songwriter and founding member of Lifelover, who tragically pasted away the night of Sept. 9th. He was only 25 years old…
I found out about this a couple of days ago and I was surprised of how sad it made me feel. It made me remember the first time I heared Lifelover and how the music really got to me! The cynical down to earth honesty of the lyrics that I think every person would find appealing at least from time to time. It’s also importent to note Lifelover’s major influence on the specific brand of black metal that they contributed to! Instead of singing about forests, mountains and satan and other generic subjects.. Lifelover depicts the filthy back sides of society, run down suburbs, boring unimaginative jobs and the falsity of your fellowman.

Erotik is the second album by Lifelover and my personal favourite. The melancholic tunes, the lyrics and the artistic approach are according to me unmatched by any other band active within this brand of black metal.

R.I.P Jonas Bergqvist, aka B 1986-2011

Det vilda livet i den gråa staden
bland dessa lyckliga puckon
Isolering har blivit ett beroende
för att undgå de som stör mig

Leenden, tindrande ögon,
vänliga hälsningar får mig att vilja spy
Uppmärksamhet som de trånar efter,
har ingen betydelse för mig

Vända andra kinden till?
Älska min nästa?
Hjälpa mina medmänniskor?

Är det svårt att se föraktet och
avskyn gentemot dig i mina ögon?
Njut av era kassa liv, men tro inte
för en sekund att ni är speciella.

The Moody Blues- In Search of the Lost Chord

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Download- In Search of the Lost Chord (1968) Deram Records

This is without any doubt the best album I’ve got myself in months and the best thing about it is that it cost me nothing! I went to a record market the other day and found myself discussing Blue Cheer for like an hour with an old veteran from the flower era. After that he gave up this album for free!

So what we have here is the third album by brittish band The Moody Blues. This is probably the most psychedelic album they came up with, famous as they are for their prog rock. Most impressive is probably the wide range of instruments that the band so skillfully handle. Every song is a little mystery in itself!

I’m mind blown