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Acid Bath- Paegan Terrorism Tactics

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Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Download- Paegan Terrorism tactics (1996) Rotten Records

It’s Nirvana? It’s Eyehategod? It’s Deicide? nope it’s Acid Bath and it sounds like everything at the same time. This was kickin’ heads in 1996 and it’s kickin’ my head 2011.

Well the skyscrapers look like gravestones
From out here


Malevolent Creation- The Ten Commandments

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DOWNLOAD- The Ten Commandments (1991) Roadrunner records

This album along with Altars of Madness was what got me into old-school american death metal so I always have a feeling of sentimentality when I put it in the stereo.

Malevolent Creation started out in New York but moved to Florida in 1987 where they became part of the infamous Tampa Bay scene. When this album came out on Roadrunner in 91′ it quickly established a cult status in the underground death metal scene. It’s worth mentioning that it was produced by legendary death metal producer Scott Burns who really gave the american death metal that unique sound.

The whole album is a relentless speed attack that pushed the limits of thrash metal over to death metal. The lyrics are a blurry mess of adolescent fantasies of violent death and pedestrian huliganism. This album can make me forgett later years red-neckery and criminal records that M.C have earned themselves.


Dark Castle- Surrender to all life beyond form

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DOWNLOAD- Surrender to all life beyond form (2011) Profound Lore

God I’m just to tired.. just moved to a new town, Lund, to start my studies. It’s like 500 km south of my home in Örebro. Well at least now I’ve sort of settled into my new room after a lot of effort put into carrying heavy furniture and of course my entire record collection.

So next thing on the ”to-do-list” is post a new crunchy little treat for the co)))ven! This Dark Castle hails from Florida and has so far conjured up two slabs of sludgy doom from it’s dungeons, this one being the latest. We get served a weird sounding sludge-audio-agression, some strange ritualistic tracks and great female vocals!
For fans of Yob and Zoroaster.


New York update!

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So back in Sweden after a week in New York! It took 25 hours to get home, me and my friend must have travelled with every transportation invented by man during the last century just to get home.

Now here’s the result of some record hunting in the big apple! If you’re into any of the music i write about and your going to New York, then Generation Records on 210 Thompson street is a must visit! I could kill for their ”used section” !


10 cd’s 6 vinyls.


I also got to see Pentagram again and three other bands, Elks, Jeff and the Brotherhood and Valient Thorr! It was a really cool experience, met some nice new yorkers as well!


The singer of Valient Thorr is somewhere in that pit. Crazy guy!


Bobby Bobby.


Liebling Liebling.

Awesome week! Sort of stressed out today though since I’m moving to a new town tomorrow to start studying! I have to figure out a way to bring all of my records to Lund…

Discharge- Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

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DOWNLOAD- Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (1982) Clay Rec.

That’s right Discharge stick it to the man!

When this album was released back in 82′ it was dismissed as ”unmusical”! whatever that may mean the fools who coined the term probably didn’t expect this album to become a hardcore/punk classic that had enough metal tendencies to attract the ear of the thrash metal scene of the time. This album has had a huge influence on everything between d-beat, krust punk and death metal.
Here Discharge rant about power drunk politicians, the outcome of a nuclear war and social injustice! and it makes you realise that there’s a lot of things that haven’t changed during the last 30 years!

This musical gem must not be forgotten! Therefore i urge you to click the link above and let this album hammer your eardrums for the rest of the week! Now I’m of to New York for 6 days of sightseeing and record-hunting!


Napalm Death- Scum

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DOWNLOAD- SCUM (1987) Earache Records

Scumy grindcore.

Napalm Death‘s first album! Now that is a top notch album cover made by a member of Carcass! One of my favourites, who invented that type of aesthetic.. was it CRASS? I dont know but i like it.

Anyway this is a piece of grind history. The album was recorded for a cheap sum at Rich Bitch Studios in Birmingham. At first the A side of the album was intended for a split release with a crossover band but  since Napalm Death underwent some changes in line up that project never saw the light of day. Instead a B side was recorded, notably only drummer Mich Harris played on both sides of the album. Eventually some guy from Earache Records came along and decided to release the album.

Shitty filth lo fi production. Just the way I want it. This album is 33 min of relentless audio violence.
A quirky little note about it is that it was entered into the Guinness book of World Records for shortest song ever recorded.


Split! Elder/Queen Elephantine

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Elder - Queen Elephantine / Elder
DOWNLOAD- Elder/Queen Elephantine (2006) Concrete Records

I wrote about Elder in an earlier post, they made their debut here with the a bit more experienced Queen Elephantine.Two typical american stoner/doom metal bands. Queen Elephantine’s effort reminds me a lot of Om and Elder reminds me of Sleep. This is of course a good thing! And since they’re a bunch of generous bongrippers they’ll allow you to download this album for free! Just click on the link above.

This sounds like a sample from Sleep’s album Jerusalem…