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Dead Meadow- Dead Meadow

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DOWNLOAD- Dead Meadow (2000) Tolotta Records

It’s alright, you can stop crying over the fact that you were born too late and never got to see Jimi air hump his guitar. Instead turn your mind over to one of americas most prominent psychedelic bands of today. Dead Meadow.

Combine the harder stuff from the 70’s with the more subtle fairytale hocus pocus of the 60’s.. that gives you Dead Meadow’s first selftitled album. The Washington based trio formed in 1986 and has since released six albums and a live recording. This is such a sweet thing for the ear.. I’m almost up for coining a new lame genre name ”neo-psychedelic rock”. This stuff is in many ways better than some of the genre’s original outfits from the 60-70’s era.

It’s all about the amps..Orange amps!!!

If the lady of the morning light
Should open her eyes…
She’d bid the sun arise
If the lady of the morning light
Let’s her hair flow down
She’d warm the frost covered ground
As falling night gives way to glorious day
Our eyes adjust to the sun’s bright rays
but here comes the sky…

DOWNLOAD- Dead Meadow


Darkspace- I

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Darkspace - Dark Space I
DOWNLOAD- Darkspace I (2003) Haunter of the Dark

Black metal on the menu today.

Darkspace is a black metal/ambient trio from Switzerland thats been transmitting dark tones from outer space since the beginning of the millenia. The band features Wroth of Paysage D’Hiver amongst others. This is their first album, a great and atmospheric debut exploring the outer rims of the galaxy… I’m sort of fond of this band since i perceive their music as original and developing for the black metal genre. I can even overlook the fact that they’re using a drum machine.

Anyway, what were served is tortured vocals, hauntingly dark guitars accompanied by equally dark synthezisers. To spice things up a bit  the band has sampled movies like 2001: A space Odyssey, Event Horizon etc. All of this is rapped up in a nice low fi production.

Darkspace - Photo

The norwegian mountains are cold and grim, as is space!

DOWNLOAD- Darkspace I (2003)


:John Barleycorn Reborn: Dark Britannica

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DOWNLOAD- John Barleycorn Reborn (2007) Cold Spring

I bestow upon you dear reader a nice 2CD compilation of various brittish folk artists exploring the darker sides of brittish folk music. This album is a collaboration between artists from the Cold Spring label (Sol Invictus, Sieben, Andrew King etc) and the now disbanded folk music community called Wowen Wheat Whispers. We get served a nice slab of pipes, lutes and string instruments.

So lets sow the grain and hope good ol’ Barleycorn will bring us a good harvest so we can have a beer or two on his account.


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DOWNLOAD- Arzachel (1969) Evolution

Tadaa! more psych!

When brittish psychedelic band Uriel decided to release an album back in 68′ they did it under the name of Arzachel. In the line up you find Steve Hillage (Gong, Khan etc) and all the members of Egg. This is considered to be a lost masterpiece of UK psychedelica, wich doesn’t surprise me at all after a couple of spins on the recordplayer.

Perfect smooth brittish vocals topped with ethereal organs and howling fuzzy guitars. The hole album was recorded in a single studio session in London and it quickly became a real collectors item. I’ve got a vinyl reissue. Anyway this is the essence of psych!

Aint that a lovely mindbending twist of a song?


Flower Travellin’ Band- Satori

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DOWNLOAD- Satori (1971) Atlantic

A blast from the past! Heavy psych, acid rock!

Satori is the first original album by lovely psychedelic Flower Travellin’ Band, the first album to feature their own material instead of covers. The band was initially formed in the mid 60’s after Yuya Uchida came back  to Japan after visiting John Lennon in England. The band disbanded around 73′ but officially reunited in 2007

I find this album to be really interesting since it bears a lot of resemblance to what was happening around in Europe and America at the same time. This music should really appeal to people who are into Leaf Hound, Sir Lord Baltimore and King Crimson etc. Even so the Flower Travellin’ Band have their own distinct sound. A sound that sometimes sounds really sinister. It’s this type of music that spawned the metal genre.

Those guitar melodies are reaching for the skies…

All bow before the Furawā Toraberin Bando!

DOWNLOAD- Satori– or buy it!



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After I came back from attending Jex Thoth, Boris and Russian Circles concerts in Stockholm, my friend helped me with fixing my jeansvest. Since I’m mainly into stoner/doom metal at the moment I figured I’d go with the doom theme.

Front. Sunno))), Saint Vitus, Sleep and Reverend Bizarre patches

Back. Sewn on Electric Wizard t-shirt print.

Live! JEX THOTH, BORIS+Russian Circles

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I went to Stockholm for a couple of days since Jex Thoth played the 13/7 and Boris 14/7. Going to a good show and meeting some people with good taste in music was just what i needed at the moment. I got a couple of pictures so i thought I’d upload them here.

13/7– I stayed a bit to long in the bar talking psychedelic music with a hippie, who had a really impressive vinyl collection, therefore i ended up in the back during Jex Thoth, hence the crappy photos. However the show was fuck’n awesome and Jex played everything i wanted to here, I think the hole thing climaxed somewhere around a improvised solo in the Son of Yule song. Later on me and the hippie continued on to Anchor to see The Scams. I saw The Scams earlier this summer at the Muskelrock festival and they were as good as ever.

Jex Thoth

Jex Thoth

The Scams

14/7- The next day it was time for Boris and Russian Circles. I was positively surprised with Russian Circles who’s sludge/post-rock sounded great live, much better than on thier albums. And then Boris, the almighty japanese fuzz-masters, entered the stage and I stood in blissful awe for what seemed like an eternity. If you have the chance to see Boris play live, dont miss out on it! They go on stage, they do what they do and they’re good at it, they say goodbye and then they leave.
Side note- the drummer had a huge gong gong at his disposal.

Russican Circles.










Two awesome days with good shows and good people.