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Ulver - Kveldssanger
DOWNLOAD- Kveldssanger (1996) Head Not Found

Ulver has changed music style so many times over the years.. I’m a fan of their first three albums though. The ones that are considered to be the bands black metal period. Kveldssanger, the second album, however is not really a black metal album but I like to see it as part of that period.

No, Kveldssanger is an entirely acoustic folk music album with lyrics sung in norwegian. Sometimes when i listen to this i picture Kveldssanger as a concept album, a hymn to the night and all things associated with it. Don’t know if that was Ulver’s intention..
Kledt i Nattens Farger
-and I actually like this sort of vocal style.


The Meteors- Bastard Sons of a Rock’n Roll Devil

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DOWNLOAD- Bastard Sons of a Rock’n Roll Devil (1997) Hellraiser Rec.

Brittish The Meteors! selfproclaimed masters and founders of psychobilly. I saw a guy with OTMAPP (Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly) written on the back of his jacket a couple of weeks ago but it’s not until today that I actually understood the meaning of it. After listening to this for a while I’m inclined to agree with him though.  

These bastards  have been tearing the roof off of my house with this hellish psych album. It truly is a rock’n roll devil. If you’re a fan of Tarantino and the music featured in his films, then you should find this album pleasing since it would fit in well in a grindhouse movie.
Nightmare in Elche (Alicante Breakdown)

The Meteors started out almost thirty years ago as a counter reaction to the soft rockabilly popular back then, 40 albums later they’re still going strong.


70’s movies! Zardoz

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DOWNLOAD- Zardoz (1974)

Another 70’s movie! In this blast from the past Sean Connery is wearing red diapers and matching bullet belts.

Set in a distant future, the earth is inhabited by three different kinds of people. The ”eternals” are a ruling class who have shut themselves of from the outside world in a bubble called ”The Vortex”, they control the earth through a warrior class called ”exterminators” who all wear  diapers and like to shoot big guns. These warriors worship a big flying stone head called Zardoz who tells them to kill off the common people inhabiting the earth.

Sean Connery is an exterminator and one day, seemingly by accident, he ends up in the Vortex.. then everything becomes strange and psychedelic.  This movie is sort of a mind-fuck, but still entertaining in a wierd way.

Morbid Saint- Spectrum of Death

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Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death
DOWNLOAD- Spectrum of Death (1988) Avanzada Metalica.

I figure it’s about time I write about some thrash metal. Therefore I give you Morbid Saint! If you played thrash back in 88′ there was one thing of importance that stood above all other and that was SPEED!!

Damien, play fast! faaster! FAASTER!!

This band has achieved sort of a cult status with the years. They used to open several shows for Chuck Chuldiner’s Death, one of the first death metal bands of all time, since the bands shared the same producer and manager. However Morbid Saint never got the same attention and backing as Death, resulting in the band fading of into history with this one release as their legacy.
Spectrum of Death was released as a demo at first but then some mexican label came along and decided to make a real decent thrashfest out of it.

Apparently the band reunited in late 2010 to record two new songs for a reissue of Spectrum of Death. You can read about it in an interview here .

DOWNLOAD- Spectrum of Death or buy it!


Magnolia- Falska Vägar

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Listen on Spotify- Falska Vägar (2008) Transubstans Records

Swedish psychedelic prog music, with a touch of bluesrock.
Magnolia was formed in 1994 by Ronny Erickson and has been donating the world music in the same vein as November and Råg i Ryggen for quite some time now. Apparently they got their name from an old Blue Cheer song. Falska vägar is the bands second album.

I uploaded one of my favourites from Falska Vägar on youtube- Kung Bore. As always it’s nice to hear a band sing in their native language. It always adds more warmth to the music.


Baby Woodrose- Blows Your Mind

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DOWNLOAD- Blows Your Mind (2002) Animal Records

Yes, offensive album covers are always a good start if you want people to take an interest in (or reject) your music, naming your band after a drug might also add to it. Danish Baby Woodrose play psychedelic rock as if the 70’s never ended. The hole thing started out as a personel side project for frontman Lorenzo Woodrose. Blows Your Mind, the bands first album, was composed and recorded by Lorenzo alone! Tune in, or should i say ”fuzz in”-Baby Blows Your Mind. In 2004 Baby Woodrose got some attention since they were nominated for the Danish Music Award, however they didn’t win.

20110620-203044.jpg Blows your mind has the sound of something thats been growing in a garage for a couple of years. Lorenzo really came up with some damn fine tunes for this one!  It’s got a real ”sex, drugs and rock’n roll”  appeal. Here’s Lorenzos own explanation to how both this album and his band came to be-

I decided to call the project Baby Woodrose, because several of the songs (Baby Blows, Living A Dream, Spinning Wheels) reflected my experience with the seeds earlier that summer. I had a vision of a vast ocean and I saw what I believe was an image of my creative potential personified in a naked woman, mysteriously filling one water bucket at a time, dragging them ashore and piling them up on the soft sandy beach

DOWNLOAD- Blows Your Mind or by their albums here.


Karl Sanders- Saurian Meditation

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DOWNLOAD- Saurian Meditation (2009) Relapse Records

Imagine enjoying a glass of wine in a green garden in ancient Babylon. Strolling down the shores of the Eufrat river. Thats what this sounds like. Listen!

Karl Sanders is one of the guys from Nile. Any fan of Nile could testify that one of the best things with the band is how they manage to blend in a lot of acoustic parts into their death metal. On this project it’s like Karl Sanders just took out all these acoustic parts and made an album out of ‘em. It becomes sort of an ambient mix of middle eastern folk music and as stated in the album title, it’s really meditative. It’s impressive how many instruments Karl Sanders can handle.

Apparently the idea for this project rose out of Karl’s desire to demonstrate his skills as an acoustic artist and express himself with instruments that are fairly unknown to a lot of western  people.

Of the Sleep of Ishtar

This is the perfect cure when you’re terribly hungover.